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Hey friends, do you know, what is POS system in post offices? What is the POS full form (in post offices)? Today I am going to share all about on POS term here. Just read this post up to the end to know POS full from in post offices.

POS full form

What is POS in post offices?

POS means Point of Sale. It is software that is used to book various products like speed post, registered post, parcel, EMO, etc.

Recently, all the post offices had been connected in a single environment called CSI. CSI has two types of software. One is SAP and the Second one is POS& Backoffice.

POS software is installed at the counters of a post office. Counter PA books various post office premium products by using POS software. 

It is managed by backhand software which is also connected to POS. It is known as Back Office. 

POS full form in post offices

The full form of POS is Point of Sale. It is a system-based software that is used to book various products like speed post (post office premium service), registered post (RL), parcel post (packets).

We already know that people visit the nearby post offices to book parcels or speed post. When a person reached the post office to book their consignment, the counter PA who is seating on the counter of the post office opens POS (point of sale) software by using CSI user ID and Password. After logging into POS, he is able to book a consignment. 

POS (Point of Sale) Software home screen images

Friends, I have already mentioned all the information about POS of post offices. Now I want to share some sample images of POS for your ready reference.

POS sample Image 1

POS, POS full form

POS Sample image 2

POS Sample image 3

Services available at POS

  • Shift Operations at Counter – Begin  & End Process
  • Product Sell 
  • Domestic Mail Booking
  • Money Remittances (Domestic and International)
  • International Mail Booking
  • E-Payment  or Bill Payment Services
  • E-Post Services
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Sale and Payment of IPO (Indian Postal Order) 

POS Login process


  • Login for each of the module is based on roles
  • User ID is created centrally and shared with each and every individual separately
  • Roles and Password are setup at the Identity Access Management  (IAM) application
  • Individual applications use the centrally setup password

Login to POS 

  • POS Counter application allows a person to login provided the person has the allocation to use the counter
  • Counter allocation happens at the Back Office application of POS
  • Single Sign On(SSO) allows login to POS Counter, Back office, PBS, PLI, SAP through the CA –SSO

Sell DOP products at POS

  • Walk in Customer purchases stamps, envelops or third party items such as forms, gold coins and so on
  • The items are maintained at the SAP inventory against a Product Code
  • The stock is available at the PO for that particular product code
  • The inventory of third party items are not maintained by DoP
  • Customer selects any item and chooses to modify the quantity if required
  • Payment is done through Payment option
  • Customer makes payment through multiple payment modes if chosen

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