TMO Full form in post office

Does your speed post parcel show hold in TMO post office? Do you know TMO means what? If you want to TMO Full form in post office then you are right here. Here I have given complete information about TMO such as what is TMO in post office, what is the full form of TMO in post office, is it a government department office, how TMO works, etc. Take all answers from this post.

TMO full form

What is TMO in Post Office? (TMO means)

TMO is an office that works under RMS Division of the Department of Posts. It collects all types of bags for further dispatch through trains, RTN, flights, and buses. It means the main work of TMO is receiving bags, storing bags, and dispatching bags in the prescribed schedule. 

TMO is mostly situated on bus stands, railway stations, and airports only. In some cases, it also may be situated nearby RMS offices.

It is supervised by an officer called Mail Guard, Head Mail Guard, and Mail Agent. It is a type of post office that works under the Department of Posts (India Post). In short, we can say that TMO is totally a government department office. 

TMO Full form in post office

The full form of TMO in post office is Transit Mail Office. You can see this type of office at any bus stand or railway station in India because mostly it is present on Road Bus Stand and Railway Stations. 
Sometimes, speed post article tracking says your speed post is dispatched to TMO. It means post office sent speed post article to a TMO office for further disposal. It will be dispatched to the destination office by bus, train, or flight. It depends on the actual schedule and as per departmental rules and regulations. 

TMO (Transit Mail Office) connects other TMO, post offices, and RMS offices. A speed post or parcel must have to be transmitted through a TMO office.

TMO full form in post office
TMO post office image

There are two types of TMO offices. These areas under-

  1. AP TMO Post office- TMO office situated at Airport is known as AP TMO POst office.
  2. RS TMO Office- TMO office situated at Railway Station is known as AP TMO POst office.

RS TMO and AP TMO full form

  • RS TMO full form is Railway Station Transit Mail Office.
  • AP TMO full form is Airport Transit Mail Office.

Example of TMO offices 

Here I am going to provide a list of TMO post offices for ready reference. As per information available on India Post official website, these TMO works right now across various states in India.

  • Kolkata AP TMO
  • Delhi AP TMO
  • Hyderabad AP TMO
  • Palam AP TMO
  • Jaipur RMS TMO
  • Kochi TMO
  • Mumbai TMO
  • Chandigarh TMO post office
  • Kol AP TMO
  • Banglore city TMO post office
  • Kolkata RMS Mails TMO

How TMO (Transit Mail Office) works? 

Although, I have already told you that the main work of TMO is receiving all types of bags from post offices, other TMOs, and RMS offices. These bags are dispatched by TMO on a specific schedule through air mode or surface mode. It depends on departmental rules. 

In metro cities, TMO dispatches bags on flights and trains only. TMO present in cities other than metro dispatches bags through RTN trucks (departmental vehicles), and roadways buses.


Question 01- Can I collect my speed post article from TMO office?

Answer- No.

Question 02- What is the full form of TMO in post office?

Answer- Transit Mail Office.

Question 03- What is AP TMO in Speed Post?

Answer- TMO (Transit Mail Office) situated at Airport is known as AP TMO.

Question 04- Is the TMO office work under the Government department?

Answer- yes. It works under the Department of Posts.

I think, now you understood TMO full form. TMO means Transit Mail Office. If you still have any questions on this topic, may send a query in the comment section. I will give you the right answer.

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