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Post Office (India Post) is the second large central government department in India which is also known as the Department of Posts. Many post offices are working under the postal department across India. But do you know about SO Full Form in Post Office

A large number of abbreviation short form are available in the Postal Department. Every person does not know about the Post Office Full Form. 

Example of Post office Full form:-
  • 01. SO Full form in Post Office
  • 02. HO SO BO Full Form in Post office
  • 03. NSH full form in Post office
  • 04. BPM full form in Post Office
  • 05. ASP full form in Post office
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Here I am going to share a list abbreviation short form about Post office Full Form. Read this article to get Post office full information. 

SO Full Form in Post Office 

The SO full form in Post Office is Sub Office. It is a type of post office that is subordinate to the Head Post office. SO is always works under the HO post office. 

Monetary transactions of Sub Post Office are incorporated in the accounts of the latter office. The office in-charge of a SO is designated a Sub Postmaster.

A SO post office situated in a town or its suburbs where there is also a Head Office is termed a town sub-office.

Sub Post Office (SO) is an operational unit located in urban as well as rural areas which reports to Head Post office. SO provides mail booking services, banking services, remittance services and insurance services. It incorporates the account of BOs placed under it and also supplies and receives funds. SOs are classified based on the number of staff. They are HSG SO, LSG SO, A class SO, B class SO and C class SOs.

These POs are further classified into delivery and non delivery offices. Each delivery PO will have delivery staff and is allotted a unique pin code number. Non delivery offices perform only counter transactions and are not assigned any pin code. They are identified with the pin code of the concerned delivery PO.

I am sure now that after the reading of this para, you will able to answer the question what is full form of SO in Post Office?

HO SO BO full from in post office

All post offices are categorized in the postal department in three categories on the basis of the availability of services in Post office. These are as under:- 

  1. HO (Head Office/ Head Post Office)
  2. SO (Sub Office/Sub Post Office)
  3. BO post office (Branch Office/Branch Post Office)

HO full form in Post office full information

The full form of HO in post office is Head Office. It is the mail officer of a group of post offices consisting of itself and a number of small offices called sub office (SO) and branch office (BO) which have been placed under its Accounts jurisdiction. It is the main office of account for itself and for all the SO and BO within the group and the monetary transactions of the latter offices are incorporated in its accounts. The Officer-in-charge of a Head Office is designated a Head Postmaster.

It is the Chief of a group of Post Offices consisting of itself and its Sub Offices and Branch Offices.
It is an operational unit and is authorized for the posting, receipt, sorting, handling, transmission or delivery of mail. HO offers mail-related services such as booking of articles, sale of postage stamps/Philately and special services like post box/Post bag/Franking. 

It also offers non-postal services like Banking, Insurance, money remittances and retail services such as passport seva Kendra & Adhaar enrolment. It consolidates accounts of all SO`s under its jurisdiction and reports to the Postal Accounts Office. It also draws salary and other bills for officials in its jurisdiction and maintains the service book. HO is classified based upon the number of officials. It may be in charge of a Higher Selection Grade (HSG-II)/Grade-II Postmaster, HSG-I/Grade-III Postmaster or a Senior Postmaster (Gazetted). The principal HPO at the circle Headquarters is called General Post Office (GPO).

BO full form in Post office full information

BO full form in post office is Branch Office. It is a Post Office of lower status than a Sub Office (SO). BO (Branch Office) is in direct account with a Head Office or Sub Office which is termed its accounts office and its monetary transactions are incorporated in the accounts of the latter office. The Office in -charge of a Branch Office is designated as Branch Postmaster.

A Branch Office situated in a town or its suburbs where there is also a Head Office is termed as a town branch office.

Other important Post Office full form that is used in the post office 

Apart from the above, people do not know other important full forms of Post office. Here I am going to share all important and frequently asked full form related to Post office.,

BPM full form in Post office- 
BPM full form in Post office is Branch Post Master.

SPM full form in Post office-
SPM full form in Post office is Sub Post Master.

ASP full form in Post office-
ASP full form in post officer Assistant Superintendent of Post offices

NSH full form in Post office-
NSH Full form in Post office is National Sorting Hub.

ICH full form in Post office-
ICH full form in Post office is Intra Circle Hub.

ADG- Assistant Director General
AGM- Additional General Manager
APS- Army Post Service
BD- Business Development
CCR- Chennai City Region
CEPT- Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology
CGM- Chief General Manager
CP- Corporate Planning
CPMG- Cheif Postmaster General
CVO- Chief Vigilance Officer
DARPAN- Digital Advancement of Rural Post Offices for a New India
DBT- Direct Benefit Transfer
DDG- Deputy Director General
DPS- Director Postal Services
GDS & PCC- Gramin Dak Sevak & Pay Commission Cell
HQ- Headquarters
IIPA- Indian Institue of Public Administration
IR & GB- International Relations & Global Business
NBR- Next Below Rule
PBI- Post Bank of India
PG, QA & I- Public Grievances, Quality Assurance & Inspections
PMG- Post Master General
PMU- Project Management Unit
PSB- Postal Services Board
PTC- Postal Training Centre
RANKPA- Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy
SLY- Select List Year
SR, Legal &VP- Staff Relation, Legal & Vigilance Petition
HPO - Head Post Office
TMO - Transit Mail Office 
TSO - Town Sub Office
PSO - Packet Sorting Office
SSPO's - Senior Superintendent Post Office
SSRM - Senior Superintendent Railway Mail
SDI(P) - Sub Divisional Inspector ( Postal)
ASPO's - Assistant Supt. Post Office
IRM - Inspector Railway Mail
ASRM - Assistant  Superintendent Railway Mail
PA - Postal Assistant
SA - Soerting Asssistant
VP - value Payable
COP - Certificate of Post
RMS - Railway Mail Service
POD - Proof of Delivery
BNPL - Book Now Pay Later
CTMO - Computerised Transit Mail Office
SAL - Surface Air LIft Mail
PSD - Postal Store Dipo
CSD - Circle Stamp Dipo
MPCM - Multi purpose Countee Machine
UPU - Universal Postal Union
AMPC - Automatic Mail Processing Center
PIN - Postal Index Number
SPO - superintendent Of Post Office
V-SAT - Very Small Aperture terminal
ESMO - Extended satellite Money Order
HMS - hybrid Mail Service
GPO - General Post Office
TO - Transit Office
CRC - Computerized Registration Center
SSO - Sorting Sub Office 
NPO - Night Post Office
CBU - Central Bagging Unit
KBU - Kendriya Bagging Unit
RLO - Returned Latter Office
FPO - Foreign Post Office
FSPO - Foreign Sub Post Office
CMO - Corporate Mail Office
BMO - Bulk Mail Office 
MMC - Mass Mailing Center 
PSO - Press Sorting Office 
HRO - Head Record  Office
SRO - Sub Record Office 
UBO - Unit Bag Office 
CBO - Circle Bag Office
CBO - Central Bag Office 
DBO - District Bag Office
SSA - Subsidiary Sorting Office 
SPB - Speed Post Bag 
RPB - Registered Post Bag
HVMO - High-Value Money Order 
IMO - Instant Money Order
HSA - Head Sorting Assistant
CSI- Core System Integration

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