Postal Manual Volume 5 Hindi - Definitions for preparation of LDCE exam

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As we know that the post office departmental exam (LGO exam, LDCE exam) are being held every year in all postal circles to fill vacant posts of MTS, Mail Guard, Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistant. In these LDCE examinations, most of the questions are being asked relates to postal manuals and postal volumes. Hence, each candidate should read India Post all postal manual volumes including postal manual volume 5, post office guides, post office savings manual volumes, and postal account manual volumes. 

Postal Manual Volume-V (5) is one of the important book for preparation of various departmental exams. Hence Here I am sharing the contents of Postal Manual Volume V along with various definitions.

Postal Manual Volume 5 Content details

01.    Postal manual volume 5th contains rules relating to mails and investigation.
02.    Definitions
03.    Miscellaneous Rules
04.    Investigation
05.    Transmission of mails under the weighing​ system 
06.    appendices relating to rules for the treatment of Navel Mail by Post and RMS offices 
07.    Issue of Sorting List and Conventions
08.    Period of Preservation of Records

Postal Manual Volume 5 definitions list

Postal volume 5 has various Definitions for those terms which are being used in post offices. The list of definitions are as under:-
1.     Postmaster-General
2.     Railway Mail Service
3.     Superintendent
4.     Head Office 5-A. V-Sat Centres 5-B. ESMO Centres 5-C. Hybrid Mail Service
5.     General Post Office (GPO)
6.     Sub Office (SO)
7.     Branch Office (BO)
8.     Transit Office
9.     Transit Mail Office
10.    Computerized Transit Mail Office
11.    Sorting Office
12.    Automatic Mail Processing Centre (AMPC)
13.    Computerized Registration Sorting Centre (CRC)
14.    Sorting sub-office
15.    Nodal PO Sorting Offices
16.    Kendriya Bag Unit (KBU)
17.    Returned Letter Office
18.    Transcription Centre
19.    Office of foreign exchange, offices of exchange of transit
20.    foreign Post Offices and sub-foreign Post Offices
21.    Transit Section
22.    Mail Office
23.    Corporate Mail Office or Bulk Mail Centre
24.    Mass Mailing Centre
25.    Press Sorting Offices
26.    Record Office
27.    Head Record Office (HRO)
28.    Sub-Record Office (SRO)
29.    Bag Office
30.    Sorting Assistant (SA)
31.    Subsidiary Sorting Assistant (SSA)
32.    Set of section
33.    Set of Mail Office
34.    Trip
35.    Station and Sorting articles
36.    Labelled bundle
37.    Check-slip
38.    Money Order Check-slip
39.    Mail bags

40.    Airmail bag
41.    Registered bundle
42.    Regd. Bundles from Customers
43.    Registered bag
44.    Speed Post Bag
45.    Insured bundle
46.    Parcel bag
47.    Insured bag
48.    Registered packet bag
49.    Transit bag
50.    Account bag
51.    Branch Office bag
52.    Cash bag
53.    Special bag
54.    Camp bag
55.    Telegraph cover
56.    Changing station
57.    Connecting section
58.    Overtime duty
59.    Rest house
60.    Cage TB
61.    Press packet
62.    ‘A’ orders
63.    ‘B’ orders
64.    Work-papers
65.    Due mail and sorting list
66.    Due mails and unusual mails
67.    Face and facing
68.    Beat
69.    Camp correspondence
70.    Late letters and too late letters
71.    Mis-sent and misdirected articles
72.    Trial Cards

Postal Manual Volume 5 in the Hindi language

Postal manual volume 5 is available in both languages i.e. Hindi and English. Here I am sharing download link for both Hindi and English PDF version.

The Hindi PDF version of Postal Manual Volume 5 will be useful for those employees who belong to the Hindi medium, and they are preparing for postal department internal exams. So just download it free in Hindi and English language as a requirement. 

Postal Manual Volume 5 Hindi pdf download

Postal Manual volume 5 (Postal Manual Volume-V) PDF file is available here in Hindi to download. You can download it from the below link.

Click here to download Postal Manual Volume 5 in Hindi PDF file. 

Postal Manual Volume 5 in the English Language

Click here to download in the PDF file of Postal Manual Volume 5 in English.

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