RMS Full form | What is the full form of RMS in Post Office

Do you hear about RMS? Do you know what is RMS full form? What is the RMS full form in post office? If not, then I am going to share the full form of RMS in the Postal Department. Just read this post to know about RMS.

RMS full form

RMS Full from in Post Office

The full form of RMS is Railway Mail Service. RMS (Railway Mail Service) works under the Department of Posts. The main work of RMS is sorting and transmitting mail bags through sections, RTN, Flight, etc. All bags containing speed post articles, registered articles, and parcels received from other RMS offices and post offices are opened and closed here. 

The sorting work is done by a Sorting Assistant in RMS offices. He is equal to a Postal assistant that works in post office. RMS Sorting assistants are appointed by the SSC CGL examination. 

RMS full form in post office

If you want to know more about Railway Mail Service (RMS) then you have to watch the below video for ready reference.

RMS Mail Operation video

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Is RMS different from Post offices?

Postal Department (India Post) is divided into two types of offices. One is the postal division and the second is RMS division. 

Yes, RMS and post offices are different from each other. Both have different types of work.

Post offices have a booking of mail (Speed Post, Registered Post, Parcel, etc), and post office savings bank account opening works. But the main work of RMS is sorting of mail received from post offices.

Now, we easily can say that the post office and RMS office are different but both work under the India Post (Department of Posts).

RMS Post Office Example

  • Chennai RMS Division
  • Bengaluru RMS Division
  • Hyderabad RMS Division
  • Raipur RMS Division
  • Mumbai RMS Division
  • Ambala RMS Division
  • Jaipur RMS
  • Gorakhpur RMS
  • Agra Railway Mail Service


Question 01- What is RMS full from?

Answer- The RMS full form is Railway Mail Service.

Question 02- What is the meaning of RMS in Post office?

Answer- Railway Mail Service is the meaning of RMS in post office.

Question 03- What is RMS India?

Answer- RMS is the office that works under the Department of Posts India.

Question 04- What is the full form in post office?

Answer- The full form RMS in post office is Railway Mail Service.

End Thoughts

I told you what is the full form of RMS (RMS Full form) in post office. How does it work? I think, you got the right answer for RMS Full form.  

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