What is Post office ATM card? How to apply online to get Post Office ATM Card

Hey Friends, do you have Post office ATM Card? Do you know, how to issue Post office ATM card apply online for post office savings account? It is glad to know that the Department of Posts (Post Office Department) started ATM service for post office savings account holders.

Post office atm card

What is Post Office ATM Card?

It is a simple ATM card or debit card that is used to withdraw the money from ATM. DOP ATM Card is now EVM chip-based. All the transactions are done by the Post office ATM totally encrypted and safe. 

Recently, the Department of Post released a notice for all post office savings bank customers that without EVM chip atm cards of post offices are blocked. You have to visit your home post office branch to issue a new debit card (ATM) for your post office account i.e. EVM based DOP atm card.

Sample Image of Post Office Debit Card (ATM)

Do you know, how looks like a Post office Debit card? Here, I am going to share a sample picture of post office debit card for your ready reference. 

Post Office ATM Card Apply Online Sample Image

Who is eligible to get a new post office ATM card?

A person who has a post office SB account is eligible to issue a new brand debit card (ATM Card). As per information received from various sources, all Head Post Offices have the facility to issue atm cards for post office savings bank account holders.

How to get post office ATM Card? (Online & Offline)

I am sure, you have a question in your mind that how to get a post office ATM card for your SB account? Don't worry, today I am going to tell you the exact answer to your question.

There are two methods to get Post office ATM card. One method is offline and the second one is online. You can issue ATM Card (Post Office) for your post office savings account by using both methods.

Apply offline to issue new ATM Card by using Post office atm card application form

If you want to issue a new atm card for your post office savings bank account, you have to visit your home post office branch.

Download Post office atm card application form from here. You can also get an application form for post office atm by visiting your post office branch. Just fill it with your basic details and submit a duly filled application form to the post office.

Post office staff will request in a system to issue new atm cards. He will also tell you that when it will be available at post office. Just visit your home post office in the next 10-15 days, you can collect your post office debit card.

Filled Post Office ATM Card Application Form- 

POst Office atm card application form

POst Office atm card application form

Post Office ATM Card Apply Online full procedure

Post Office ATM Card requests can also be applied by online method. It is only available in 'India Post Mobile Banking' android application.

Before applying to get a new ATM/debit card, you must have India Post Mobile Banking App. You also have to register for it.

Now, follow the below procedure to get new POst office debit card.

  • Login into India POst Mobile banking app by using your user Id and password.

  • Click on 'request' option which is available on the home page of India Post Mobile Banking App.
  • Click on 'New ATM Card Request' Button.
  • Tick on the term and condition. Then click on 'Continue' button.
  • Select your Post office savings bank account by drop-down button. Enter the name which you want to print of the ATM card/Debit card.
  • Now enter the Transaction password to complete the process and click on Submit button.

  • A confirmation message will appear on the screen. 
  • A new letter along with atm card will be delivered to your home address after 10-15 days. Just collect your new ATM card.
  • to get ATM pin, you have to visit your home post office branch. Login one at any ATM machine to activate your new ATM card. You can also change PIN at any time.

FAQs on post office ATM Card

Question 01- Can I use my post office account card at any ATM?
Answer- Yes. You can use your post office card at any ATM machine. Whether it is DOP ATM or other bank ATM machine.

Question 02- How to get a Post Office Debit Card?
Answer- You can issue Post office Debit card by following simple procedure which I mentioned above in detail (step by step).

Question 03- How do I get a new ATM from post office?
Answer- You have to apply for issuing a new atm card for your post office account by filling and submitting the application form at the home post office branch. You can also apply online by using DOP internet banking mobile app. I have already mentioned step by step procedure above.

Question 04- How much can I withdraw from post office ATM?
Answer- You can withdrawal Rs. 10000/- in one transaction.

Question 05- Can I withdraw money from bank ATM by using post office atm?
Answer- Yes.

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