Hey, friends, we already know that the Postal Directorate issues various SB orders every year. Here I am going to share India Post SB order 2021 in detail with downloading list.

List of all latest India Post SB Order 2021 (Post Office) issued by DOP

India Post Office SB Order 2021 list (SB Order 2021)

Friends, DOP (IndiaPost) will also issue various Saving Bank Order in the 2021 year. Here I am going to share al SB order 2021 list. You can check  SB orders 2021 from the below list.

SB Order 01/2021

Collection of various fee charges prescribed in schedule ll of Govemment savings Promotion General Rules-201 8" in Finacle

SB Order 02/2021

Regarding enhancement of lirnit of withdrarvals at GDS Branch post officres
withhout obtaining sanction/approval  from Account office

SB Order 03/2021

Regarding revision of cash acceptance limit in GDS Branch post offices and cash transaction limit at other SOLs

SB Order 04/2021

Regarding change of roles of SBCO

SB Order 05/2021

Deduction of TDS in respect of aggregate cash withdrawal above Rs. 20 lakh by an account holder of National (Small) Savings Schemes for non-ITR filer under section 194N of I.T. Act 1961.

SB Order 06/2021

Preservation of backup of Sanchay Post Databases and reporting of errors in respect of Sanchay Post Application

SB Order 07/2021

Revision of interest rates for national (small) savings schemes from 01.04.2021 to 30.06.2021

SB Order 08/2021

Introduction of Basic Savings Accounts under post office savings accounts scheme 2019 faciliate to opening of zero balance accounts by beneficiaries of any government welfare scheme and reduction in account maintainance fee on PO savings account.

SB Order 09/2021

Payment of MIS/SCSS/TD account monthly/quarterly/annually interes t amount and maturity value of MIS/SCSS/TD/RD/NSC/KVP into account holder's Bank Account by CBS Post offices

SB Order 10/2021

Regarding request from agents/ agent associations to allow investment through withdrawal form SB-7 under SAS/ MPKBY agency system 

SB Order 11/2021

Regarding re-investment of maturity value of national small savings scheme in same or in other national small savings scheme.

SB Order 12/2021

Clarification on the operation of joint B type accounts under national savings scheme.

SB Order 13/2021

Regarding passbook updation/printing option for MTS/GDS in CBS post offices.

SB Order 14/2021

Regarding the transfer of accounts belonging to discontinued scheme i.e. NSS-87 and NSS-92 in CBS Post Offices

SB Order 15/2021

Clarification on withdrawal/closure of accounts under National Savings Schemes

SB Order 16/2021

Regarding completion of SOL merger activity for merged CBS Post Offices

SB Order 17/2021

Revision of interest rates for National (small) Savings Schemes w.e.f. 01.07.2021

SB Order 18/2021

Submission of Statement of financial transactions for interest income.

SB Order 19/2021

Amendment in Para xi of Part A of SB Order no. 34/2020 regarding.

SB Order 20/2021

Abolition of Savings bank Aptitude test- regarding.

SB Order 21/2021

Regarding restriction of manual POSB transactions in RICT CBS enabled GDS Branch Post Offices (BOs)

SB Order 22/2021

Amendment in rule 43(2) (vi) of POSB Manual Volume II regarding.

SB Order 23/2021

Regarding withdrawal/Loan/ closure / premature closure of account through an authorized person

SB Order 24/2021

Regarding Implementation of CBS-CTS integration functionality for cheque clearance in CBS post offices

SB Order 25/2021

Regarding roll out of RICT CBS version in RICT CBS devices from 25.08.2021

SB Order 26/2021

Regarding adjustment of outstanding RD loan/interest of matured RD account through office account (SOL ID+0023) in CBS post offices.

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