SB Order 34/2021- Hello DOP family, a new SB order has also been issued by the Postal Directorate. It is the 34th SB order for the year 2021. SB order no. 34/2021 is the amendment of rule 147(16) of POSB CBS Manual and Rule 16 of POSB Manual Volume II. 

What is SB Order 34/2021

A new SB order 34 2021 is released on 05.11.2021 by the Department of Posts. Today I am going to share the latest SB order no 34 2021 full information. You can check it below.

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File No. FS-10/17/2020-FS-Part(1)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
(F.S. Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
Dated: 05.11.2021


All Head of Circles / Regions

Subject: Amendment to Rule 147(16) of POSB CBS Manual and Rule 16 of POSB Manual Volume II - Regarding.

Postmaster General, Chhattisgarh Circle, Raipur in his DO letter No. SB/2-27/Public Grievance dated 20.10.2021 expressed the difficulties in implementation of Rule 147(16) of POSB (CBS) Manual which is relating to fixing of separate business hours for agents and suggested to consider the revision of the said rule.

2. The issue was examined in detail in this office and accordingly it is decided to amend the provisions of Rule 147(16) of POSB CBS Manual circulated through SB Order No. 09/2018 dated 17.07.2018 and Rule 16 of POSB Manual Volume II. The texts of the amended provisions are given below.

Rule / Para No. - Rule 147(16) of POSB CBS Manual and Rule 16 of POSB Manual Volume II

Text of the Amended provisions:  Facility to be provided to agents by the post office:- A separate business hours for acceptance of business from agents during the business hours of the post offices shall be fixed by the authority competent to issue Notice of Hours of Business, according to the local convenience of the post office, in order to ensure that the agents can come and transact their business during these hours. It should be ensured that under no circumstances, service to the general public is affected due to the fixing of separate business hours for agents. Further, the Postmasters shall also accept the agents' transactions beyond the hours fixed or agents during the business hours, whenever there is no rush at the counter for transactions. The agents should be provided cooperation by postal staff whenever they attend the post office to transact their business during business hours fixed for them. They should be treated with all courtesy and allowed to come inside the post office public hall
their business hours.

This may be circulated to all the Offices for information and necessary actions.

This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(T C Vijayan)
Asst. Director (SB-I)

SB Order 34/2021 PDF Download

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