SB Order 38/2021- Post Office Account Interest certificate issue process (Updated)

Post Office account interest certificate- SB Order 38/2021- After issuing of SB order no. 37 for the year 2021, a new SB order has also been released. It is named SB order no. 38/2021

It is the 38th sb order for the year 2021

Do you know what is SB order 38/2021?  Today I am going to share full information about Sb order 38 2021. I am also sharing a step-by-step process for How to issue a post office interest certificate?  

sb order 38/2021 post office account interest certificate

What is SB Order no. 38/2021?

SB Order No. 38/2021- this SB order has been issued on 23.11.2021 by the postal directorate. SB order 38/2021 is regarding post office account interest certificate issuance. As per this order, the post office will issue an interest certificate to all customers. If a customer wants interest certificate from post office for the purpose of filing of Income Tax returns savings then he has to visit post office home branch and write a simple application to get post office account interest certificate for any current financial year and previous financial year.

➤ SB Order 39/2021
No. FS-13/7/2020-FS
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
(Financial Services Division)

Dak Bhawan New Delhi-l10001
Dated: 23.11.2021


All Head of Circles/Regions,

Subject:- Regarding the issue of interest certificate of POSB Schemes for account holders in CBS Post offices.


References have been received from the customers to provide a consolidated certificate for interest earned in their POSB accounts in a Financial Year for the purpose of filing of Income Tax returns etc.

The competent authority has accordingly decided to make necessary amendments in Finacle for generation of consolidated Interest Certificate for account holder in a Financial Year.

The necessary amendments have been made in Finacle for the generation and printing of the Interest Certificate. A detailed procedure for generation and printing of Interest Certificate in Finacle is attached as ANNEXURE for information, guidance, and necessary action.

This may be circulated to all the offices for information and necessary actions.

This is issued with the approval of DDG (FS).

Yours Sincerely
(Devendra Sharma)
Assistant Director (SB-II)

Post office account Interest Certificate issuance step by step procedure

Interest Cerlificate for interest paid/credited may be provided to a POSB account holder. For this purpose, the depositor has to submit a duly signed written application at the post office for obtaining an interest certificate. Post office concemed shall tally the depositor's signature in Finacle, generate interest certificate and provide to the customer.

Counter PA shall invoke a new menu CINTC menu for interest certificate generation and invoke HPR menu for printing of lnterest Ceftificate. In the interest certificate, the interest paid/credited for POSB accounts will be reflected.

At post office level
  • Interest certificate is generated based on the CIF ID.
  • Interest certificate can be generated in any post office.
  • Interest credited in all the linked accounts under that CIF will be generated
  • This menu is accessible for Counter PA work-class
  • Run Menu CINTC
  • Enter the CIF ID
  • If the CIF is not a primary CIF for an account, then "No account is linked with CIF ID" message will be displayed.
  • Select the Financial year - Previous FY or Current FY radio button.
  • Interest certificate can be generated for the Previous financial year i.e. from 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021.
  • Interest certificate for the current Financial Year ie from 01.04.2021 to BOD - 1 is to be used only if demanded.
  • Click on Submit
  • The report will be generated in HPR. "Interest Certificate generated successfully. Please check in HPR after some time"
  • In HPR CIF lD will be displayed to select and print the certificate "Consolidated Interest certificate - XXXXXXXX"
  • Pre-migration interest will also be included
  • TDS if deducted will also be printed
  • Account Number, Scheme, Account Status, Interest Paid, TDS collected and Deposit Amount/ Balance columns are available
  • For TDA type of accounts (TD/MIS/SCSS/KVP/NSC) deposit amount will be displayed.
  • For SB, PPF, and SSA Balance as on Interest credit date (i.e. 31 March/Closure Date) will be displayed.
  • ln case of closed accounts balance before closure will be displayed
  • Postmaster shall affix the seal and sign the certificate.
  • "No Records" message will be shown in the certificate if no interest is credited for any of the accounts linked with given CIF during the selected period'"

Note: - No charges/fee is applicable for issuance of the post office Interest certificate to a POSB account holder. Depositors may obtain an Interest certificate from any CBS post office'

SB order no. 38/2021 PDF download

Click here to download the SB order 38/2021 PDF file.

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