What is Dispatched to BO? Item dispatched meaning in detail

Hey friends, are you searching about dispatched to BO meaning? Do you want to know what dispatched to BO means or meaning? When people track their Speed Post article on the India Post Track Consignment page with the help of article number, they found the actual status of Speed Post that the item has been dispatched to BO

Actually, people do not understand item dispatched meaning. Today I am going to share full information on dispatched to BO.

Dispatched to BO, means and meaning

What is Dispatched to BO meaning (means)?

The meaning of dispatch a speed post in tracking is that item has been sent to a particular Branch Office. From where your speed post article will be delivered at the delivery address.

It means the delivery address of the speed post article comes under the BO (Branch Office). Hence current status is showing as dispatched to BO. BO full form is Branch Office or Branch Post Office.

Actually, Branch Office (BO) works under SO. You can check SO full form from here. There are many Branch office can come under a single Sub Post Office.

If you will track your speed post article again the next day, you will found the current tracking status as item delivered.

Current Status- Dispatched to BO sample image

Dispatched to BO, means and meaning

Other famous Dispatched meanings which you must know

Apart from the above, there is more than one meaning of the dispatched word. You can also check them here.

Dispatched meaning in Tamil


Dispatched meaning in Telugu


Dispatched meaning in Malayalam 


Dispatched meaning in Marathi


Dispatched meaning in Punjabi


Dispatched meaning in Kannada


Dispatched meaning in Bengali


FAQs on Item dispatched to Branch Office

Question 1- what is meant by dispatched to BO?
Answer- dispatched to bo means, article is sent to branch office for delivery to addressee.

Question 2- What is SO and BO in Post Office?
Answer- SO is Sub Office in post office and BO is branch office in post office. You can chck more information about SO from here.

Question 3- What is meaning of BO in speed post?
Answer- BO meaning in speed post is Branch Office.

Question 4- What is Bo full form?
Answer- The full form of BO is Branch Office.

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  1. I can't see any further details after dispatched to bo status and then it show that consignment details not found so what should I do

    1. you have to raise complaint for your article. India Post will update further detail on complaint.

    2. Hey can you tell me how to raise a complaint ?

    3. https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/Pages/ComplaintRegistration.aspx visit this link to register complaint