What is item bagged meaning for speed post article?

Hey friends, did you saw the item bagged term while tracking your speed post article? Do you know what is item bagged meaning? When you track your speed post at the India Post Tracking system online, your item is showing as 'item bagged' from NSH to another post office or NSH/ICH. 

Today, I am going to share about item bagged means of speed post. Just read this post up to the end to know what is the meaning of item bagged?

Item bagged meaning in the speed post article

The meaning of Item bagged for speed post is speed post article has been dispatched to post office for delivery at destination thorough delivery post office.

I want to tell you that all the speed post articles which are booked at the post office, will be bagged in a bag to another NSH/ICH for further disposal. This step is called item bagged as per technically post office language.

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You can check all the steps in sequence as below-

  1. Booking of speed post article- Item Booked
  2. All booked speed post articles sent in a bag to NSH/ICH/another post office- Item Bagged
  3. When speed post bag dispatched to NSH/ICH/another post office in the system- Item Dispatched
  4. When speed post office article received at post office/NSH/ICH- Item Received
  5. Similarly, when speed post article bagged from NSH to ICH/post office- Item Bagged/Closed
  6. when speed post article dispatch from NSH/ICH to another NSH/ICH/Delivery Post office- Item dispatched
  7. When item delivered by a post office (it may be HO, SO, and BO)- Item delivered

item bagged meaning, item bagged, item bagged meaning in hindi

Handling process of India Post office for a speed post article

We know that each and every post office books speed post articles as well as registered posts, parcels, etc. India Post denominates these articles as a consignment. 

The main purpose of the post office is to delivery the article or consignment to delivery address. India Post also provides a tracking facility. You can track the actual status of your article/consignment with the help of track consignment facility.

After booking a article, post office staff gives a booking slip containing article number. You can only track your article by using this article number.

Visit track consignment official page. Enter article number, fill capta and click on search button. Step by step full information will be displayed on the screen. You can check the last status of your aritcle. If aritcle has been delivered at destination, last step will be shown as item delivered.

If article is still in way, you can check the office name whether it is NSH or ICH or any post office. You can also contact on respective office for prompt processsing of your article.

FAQs on the meaning of item bagged

Question 01.- What is item bagged in Indian Post?
Answer- It is a step for processing of mail (speed post). When a article bagged for another office (NSH/ICH/Delivery post office) for next disposal, 'item bagged' step will be shown on India post tracking system.

Question 02.- What is meant by item dispatched?
Answer- Click here to know full information about item dispatch process.

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