Postman Salary in post office (Pay Scale, Salary Slip, Calculator, Cash in Hand)

Postman Salary in post office- Recently, you must have heard that bumper recruitment is going to come to the post office in 2023. You also want to fill out the postman vacancy form. 

Before it, you would definitely like to know how much is the salary of a postman in the post office.

If yes, then I am going to give you complete information about the postman salary in post office. My father is working as a postman in the post office of Rajasthan State. I asked him how much salary a postman gets.

The same I want to share all the people who want the salary of a Postman in post offices. 

Just read this post up to the end where I explained Postman Salary Structure, Postmanst Salary slip, and Postman salary calculator.

Postman Salary in Post Office

Postman Salary in Post Office

When a new postman is appointed in the post office, the pay structure of the Postman is as under-
  • Postman Salary Pay Scale- 21700/-
  • Postman Salary Grade Pay as per 6th CPC- 2000/-
  • Postman Salary Pay Band-5200- 20200
  • Postman Salary pay level as per 7th CPC- L3 (Level-3)

Post Office Postman Salary Calculator

Here I am going to share a Postman Salary Calculator. You can easily calculate Postman's Salary by using this calculator.

Postman Salary 2023 [calculator]

Basic Pay


DA @ 34%


HRA @ 8%






Gross Total


NPS deduction


Cash in Hand Postman Salary 2023


Example: If an employee working as a postman in any post office then the per month Postman salary will be like this- 
  • Basic Pay- 21700/-
  • DA @ 34% - 21700x 34%=7378/-
  • HRA @ 8%- 21700x 8%= 1736/-
  • TPA=1800/-
  • DA on TPA @ 34%- 1800x 34%=612/-

Post Office Postman Salary= 21700+7378+1736+1800+612=33226/-

A total of 10% of Basic pay+DA will be deducted as NPS= (21700+7378)x10%= 2908/-

Gross Salary- NPS= Salary in Hand
33226-2908= 30318/-

Note- DA is variable as per the government declaration and TPA is also variable on the basis of cities like X, Y, and Z. 

Postman Salary Slip (Payslip)

A sample image of the Post Office Postman Salary slip is as under-

Postman Salary Slip

Postman work in post office

The main work of a postman is to deliver letters and parcels to the addressee. Postman also sorts various types of articles as per their beat-wise.

Apart from the above duties, a list of additional duties of a postman is mentioned below-

  • Data entry in SAP DPMS module of all mail articles given to them for delivery.
  • When the sorting postman and head postman post are vacant then a postman will work in assistance to another sorting postman as well as the head postman to sort articles.
  • Preparation of special delivery slips for the bulk addressee. 
  • Entry of undelivered articles in the system.
  • He has to work as an agent for promoting post office business products i.e. PLI, RPLI, and other BD products.


Question 01- What is the hand salary of a postman?

Answer- Cash in Hand Salary of a postman is approx 30000/- rupees per month.

Question 02- What is the monthly income of the postman?

Answer- Approx thirty thousand per month.

Question 03- What is the maximum salary of a Postman?

Answer- Salay depends on DA, increment, and promotion. Postman gets an increment each year. Similarly, DA will be increased two times each year as per government order. It means the postman's salary will be increased three times a year. We can say that the maximum salary of a postman is approx 55,000/- tentatively.


Today I told you about full information on Post office salary. I also provided a postman salary calculator. You can use this calculator for the calculation of postman salary in post office.

A postman salary slip image is also provided for ready reference.

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