Mail Guard Salary in post office

Do you want to know about Post Office Mail Guard Salary? Do you want to know Mail Guard work in post office?

Those people who want to become Mail Guard in the postal Department, they want to know how much salary will get a Mail Guard.

Today I am going to discuss Mail Guard work and Mail Guard salary.

Mail Guard work in post office

Mail Guard Meaning in post office

Mail Guard is a post in the RMS office under the Department of Posts. Mail Guard is known as MG in short form. 

He may be posted in RMS sections, TMO offices, and mail offices for receipt and dispatch of mail bags as per rule.

Post Office Mail Guard work

Mail Gaurd is a post in the department of posts. It is similar to Postman. Postman is related to post offices that deliver speed post, ordinary letters, registered letters, parcels, etc to a specific area.

Similarly, Mail Guard is related to RMS ( Railway Mail Office) that handles various types of bags i.e. Speed Post Bag, Registered Bag, Transit Bag, Parcel Bag, etc. He has to do mail exchange in RMS sections, Mail Offices, and TMO offices.

When a mail guard is posted in a mail agency known as Mail Agent. Mail Agent also handles various types of bags received from post offices, sections, and buses. He dispatches these bags to respective offices, sections, and buses as per departmental rules and regulations.

Post Office Mail Guard Salary (2023)

When a new Mail Guard is appointed in the post office, the pay structure of a Mail guard is as under-
  • Mail Guard Pay Scale- 21700/-
  • Mail Guard Grade Pay as per 6th CPC- 2000/-
  • Mail Guard Pay Band-5200- 20200
  • Mail Guard pay level as per 7th CPC- L3 (Level-3)

Mail Guard Salary Calculator

Here I am going to share a Mail Guard Salary Calculator. You can easily calculate Mail Guard Salary by using this calculator.

Mail Guard salary 2023 [calculator]

Basic Pay


DA @ 34%


HRA @ 8%






Gross Total


NPS deduction


Cash in Hand MG Salary 2023


Example: If an employee working as a Mail Guard in any post office then the Mail Guard's salary per month will be like this- 

  • Basic Pay- 21700/-
  • DA @ 34% - 21700x 34%=7378/-
  • HRA @ 8%- 21700x 8%= 1736/-
  • TPA=1800/-
  • DA on TPA @ 34%- 1800x 34%=612/-

Post Office Mail Guard Salary 2023= 21700+7378+1736+1800+612=33226/-

A total of 10% of Basic pay+DA will be deducted as NPS= (21700+7378)x10%= 2908/-

Gross Salary- NPS= Salary in Hand
33226-2908= 30318/-

Note- DA is variable as per the government declaration and TPA is also variable on the basis of cities like X, Y, and Z. 

Mail Guard Salary Slip (Payslip)

A sample image of the Post Office Mail Guard Salary slip is as under-

Post Office Mail Guard Salary slip


Question 01- What is the work of mail guard in post office?

Answer- The main work of the mail guard is the exchange of mail with Sections, buses, and mail offices. He is the in-charge of a particular office (TMO and mail agency) that handles all types of bags received in his office.

Question 02- What is Mail Guard Salary?

Answer- As per Mail Guard Salary calculator 2023, he will get a total of 30318/- salary per month.

Question 03- what is the full form of MG in post office?

Answer- The full form of MG in the post office is Mail Guard.

My thought 

Today I told you about the Post office mail Guard work and Post Office Mail Guard Salary in detail. I also share a sample image of the Mail Guard Salary Slip 2023. Mail Guard Salary Calculator 2023 is also shared with you.

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