IPPB Premium account features and incentive Structure

India Post Payments Bank launched a new type of savings bank account named IPPB Premium account. It is also known as IPPB premium Khata.

It is a premium bank account offered to all those customers who want to get premium types of benefits from IPPB bank.
If you also want to open a premium account in IPPB then you have to know IPPB Premium Account features in detail.

Today I am going to share a list of all the top features of the premium account of IPPB Bank. 

Just read this post up to the end to know about India Post Payments Bank Premium Account features and how to open it.

IPPB Premium account features

IPPB Premium account features (IPPB premium Khata)

As the name suggests, a premium bank account will have premium features. Yes, in the premium account of IPPB, most of the features are premium.

It is a totally subscription-based account. The customer has to pay an initial subscription fee of Rs 149 plus GST for the first year. 

Rs 99/- plus GST will be paid annually after the first year of opening the bank account. It is a fee for providing premium service to customers.

A list of all features of the IPPB premium bank account is listed below.
  1. Free Doorstep banking services
  2. Anywhere banking
  3. Unlimited cash deposit
  4. Unlimited cash withdrawal
  5. NIL account balance maintenance charges**
  6. Cashback on Electricity bill payments
  7. 50% Discount on Digital life certificate charges

01. Free Doorstep banking service

It is one of the best features of the IPPB premium bank account. Premium bank account holders will get free doorstep banking services. 

Doorstep banking means a customer can open a new IPPB bank account, transfer funds, deposit and withdraw cash, recharge or pay bills, buy life insurance & general insurance, and much more at home. 

The customer has to request doorstep banking by calling on 155299. IPPB or post office staff (GDS/Postman) will come to your home as per availability and time slot to provide the required service.

Doorstep banking services are chargeable to other types of IPPB savings bank accounts but it is totally free for IPPB premium Khata holders.

02. Anywhere Banking

IPPB premium account holders can access IPPB banking services at any of IPPB PAN India banking touch points.

There is no need to visit the home branch where you opened the premium IPPB account.

03. Unlimited cash deposit

It is a premium feature of the IPPB premium bank account. Customers can deposit unlimited money into bank accounts. There is no limit to depositing money into an IPPB Premium account.

04. Unlimited cash withdrawal facility

Customers can withdraw unlimited money from bank accounts. There is no limit to withdrawing money from an IPPB bank Premium account.

05. NIL account balance maintenance charges

The account balance maintenance charge is ZERO for IPPB premium accounts but the Annual average balance of Rs.2000/- is to be maintained. 

If the annual average balance is not maintained as 2000/-, the India Post Payments Bank premium account will be downgraded to a normal IPPB savings account after one year of premium account subscription.

06. Cashback on Electricity bill payments

The customer will get flat Rs. 5 rupees as cashback for payment of electricity bill every month. Make sure the electricity bill will be paid through the IPPB premium account only.

07. 50% Discount on Digital life certificate charges

Generally, a nominal charge of Rs. 70/- is charged for making a Digital Life certificate in the form of digital life certificate charges. But the bank will give a 50% discount on digital life certificate charges to all IPPB premium bank account holders.

How to open an IPPB premium account (Khata)

As we know that maximum IPPB branches are situated in post office buildings. Postman and GDS provide IPPB doorstep banking services to all customers.

Similarly, IPPB Premium Khata can be opened by calling the postman and Gramin Dak Sevak who delivers DAK in your location area.

He will collect basic details and opens a new IPPB premium account by seeding Aadhar Card details. No need to visit the IPPB branch to open IPPB premium Khata.

IPPB Premium account incentive

IPPB premium account (Khata) charges

  • IPPB Premium Khata (account) opening charges- Rs. 149/- + GST
  • Annual renewal subscription charges- Rs. 99/- + GST

IPPB Premium Account incentive to DOP staff

IPPB Premium Khata Incentive Table is pasted below. 

Type of activity for the opening of account

Incentive DOP end Users





Pre-price saving account VDC issuance and Aadhar seeding

Rs. 48.43/-

Rs. 7.45/-

Rs. 3.73/-

Rs. 14.90/-

A pre-price saving account with Aadhar seeding

Rs. 33.90/-

Rs. 5.22/-

Rs. 2.61/-

Rs. 10.43/-

Pre-price saving account without Aadhar seeding

Rs. 26.00/-

Rs. 4.00/-

Rs. 2/-

Rs. 8/-


Question 01- What is a premium IPPB account?

Answer- IPPB Premium Account is a newly introduced product of India Post Payments Bank to offer huge benefits to premium category customers. IPPB Premium Account is also known as IPPB premium Khata.

Question 02- What is the account opening charge for IPPB premium Khata?

Answer- Rs. 149/- + GST as applicable.

Question 03- What is the money deposit or withdrawal charge for the IPPB premium account?

Answer- Zero.

Question 04- How much money will be deposited in the premium IPPB account?

Answer- There is no minimum and maximum limit to deposit money in a premium India Post Payments Bank account. You can deposit or withdraw unlimited money in an IPPB premium bank account. 

My Thought

Today I shared about the newly introduced IPPB product i.e. IPPB premium account. IPPB premium account's features are explained in detail for ready reference.

If you want to get premium features from IPPB bank then you must have to open an India Post Payments Bank Premium account immediately.

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