What is Speed Post delivery time in India?

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How do I check speed post delivery time for passport? How much time will be taken for speed post delivery in the same city and state?

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Photo showing Speed Post Delivery time

Post office Department norms for Speed Post delivery time

Speed Post articles can be booked for local, metro cities to metro cities, state capital to state capital, for the same state, and rest of the country. Delivery time for each type of speed post veries. Just check it below.

Speed post delivery time for local is 01-02 days.

Speed post delivery time for the metro to metro is 01-03 days.

Speed post delivery time for state capital to state capital is 01-04 days.

Speed post delivery time for the rest of the country is 04-05 days

If a speed post article has to be delivered in BO (Branch Post Office) then it will take one additional day in delivery time.

India Post Office speed post delivery in same state

As per the India post official website, Speed post delivery time for the same state is 01-04 days.

Table showing speed post delivery time


1-2 Days

Metro city to metro city

1-3 Days

State Capital to State capital

1-4 Days

Same State

1-4 Days

Rest of the country

4-5 Days

Speed Post delivery time calculator

If, you live in Rajasthan State and you booked a speed post article for Kishangarh (Ajmer) at Kota Head Post Office. It must be delivered in 04 days to the addressee.

All standard parameters are explained above regarding the delivery time of a Speed Post article. 

There is no Speed Post delivery time calculator prescribed by the department. Only above listed parameters are provided by the Postal Department.

Each and every speed post article must be delivered as per standard delivery time norms.


Question 01- How can we check speed post delivery?

Answer- You have to track your speed post article at India Post Track Consignment online portal. If your speed post article is delivered then tracking will show item delivery confirmed.

Question 02- Can I do speed post on Sunday?

Answer- Yes, you can book a speed post article on Sunday where a 24x7 hrs speed post booking facility is available. Click here to download the list of offices where 24x7 hrs speed post booking facility is functioning. 

Question 03- Is speed post delivered by postman?

Answer- Yes.

Question 04- Can I track my passport?

Answer- Yes, if your passport was dispatched through speed post and your received a message containing article number, then you can track your passport from here.

Question 05- How long does speed post take to deliver?

Answer-  Standard delivery time and days are fixed by the Postal Department. You can check it from the above table. 

Question 06- Does speed post deliver on the same day?

Answer- Yes, If a speed post is booked for local and the booking office is the delivery office of that speed post, then speed post will be delivered on the same day.


Today you got detailed information about speed post delivery time. You also got delivery norms of a speed post article for local or for the same state or rest of the country. 

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