What is NSH in Post Office? NSH full form and its work

Many types of offices work under the Department of Posts, one of which is NSH. What is this NSH, what is the full form of NSH, and how does NSH work?

To know the answers to the above questions, read this post up to the end. Here you find NSH full form in post office as well as complete information related to NSH.

NSH Full form in post Office

The full form of NSH in post office is National Sorting Hub. NSH is a type of post office that works under the postal department. 

National Sorting Hub (NSH) is a hub of Speed Post articles where Speed Post mail is sorted and bagged for another office.

Every speed post article passes through the NSH or ICH. It means, the office where sorting of speed post mail and closing of bags for other offices is done, is called NSH (National Sorting Hub)

NSH full form in post office

How NSH Works

A National Sorting Hub receives all the speed post articles which are booked in the post office situated in the catchment area of that NSH.

After receiving it, all the speed post articles are sorted by the NSH staff. This sorting of Speed post articles is done on the basis of PIN Code, another NSH office Pin code range, Sub Post Office Pincode, ICH pin code range, and Head Post Office Pincode.

Finally, these sorted speed post articles are bagged for the next NSH or ICH or SO, or HO respectively.

Now, we can say that the work of an NSH office is the receiving, sorting, and bagging of speed post articles.

List of NSH Offices

There are multiple NSH offices working in every state of India. The list of these NSH offices are as under for your kind information.

  • Warangal NSH
  • Hyderabad NSH
  • Kurnool NSH
  • Tirupati NSH
  • Vijaywada NSH
  • Visakhapatnam NSH
  • Dibrugarh NSH
  • Guwahati NSH
  • Baruni NSH
  • Muzaffarpur NSH
  • Patna NSH
  • Gaya NSH
  • Raipur NSH
  • Delhi NSH
  • Ahmedabad NSH
  • Rajkot NSH
  • Surat NSH
  • Vadodara NSH
  • Gurgaon NSH
  • Karnal NSH
  • Rohtak NSH
  • Ambala NSH
  • Shimla NSH
  • Pathankot NSH
  • Jammu NSH
  • Srinagar NSH
  • Jamshedpur NSH
  • Ranchi NSH
  • Dhanbad NSH
  • Bengaluru NSH
  • Belgavi NSH
  • Kalaburangi NSH
  • Hubli Dharwad NSH
  • Mangaluru NSH
  • Mysuru NSH
  • Arsikere NSH
  • Kochi NSH
  • Thrissur NSH
  • Trivandrum NSH
  • Kannur NSH
  • Kozhikode NSH
  • Bhopal NSH
  • Gwalior NSH
  • Jabalpur NSH
  • Indore NSH
  • Panaji NSH
  • Mumbai NSH
  • Nagpur NSH
  • Pune NSH
  • Aurangabad NSH
  • Imphal NSH
  • Aizawal NSH
  • Dimapur NSH
  • Agartala NSH
  • Itanagar NSH
  • Shillong NSH
  • Bhubneshwar NSH
  • Sambalpur NSH
  • Rourkela NSH
  • Behrampur NSH
  • Chandigarh NSH
  • Ludhiana NSH
  • Amritsar NSH
  • Jalandhar NSH
  • Ajmer NSH
  • Jaipur NSH
  • Jodhpur NSH
  • Vellore NSH
  • Chennai NSH
  • Coimbatore NSH
  • Salem NSH
  • Madurai NSH
  • Tirunelveli NSH
  • Trichy NSH
  • Agra NSH
  • Allahabad NSH
  • Varanasi NSH
  • Bareilly NSH
  • Moradabad NSH
  • Gorakhpur NSH
  • Kanpur NSH
  • Gorakhpur NSH
  • Lucknow NSH
  • Ghaziabad NSH
  • Siliguri NSH
  • Kolkata NSH
  • Burdwan NSH
  • Kharagpur NSH
  • 1 CBPO NSH
  • 2 CBPO NSH


Famous National Sorting Hub Offices Details

Find the email ID, address, and Contact number of famous NSH offices here.

01 Mumbai NSH

  • NSH situated in Mumbai is known as Mumbai NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Email id- [email protected]
  • Contact number- NA
  • Address- Mumbai

02. Chennai NSH

  • NSH situated in Chennai is known as Chennai NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Contact number- NA
  • Address- Chennai

03. Hyderabad NSH

  • NSH situated in Hyderabad is known as Hyderabad NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Contact number- NA
  • Address- Hyderabad

04. NSH Delhi Post Office

  • NSH situated in Delhi is known as Delhi NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Address- Manager CCC NSH New Delhi AMPC IGI Airport, New Delhi 110037
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Contact numbers- 011-25652829, 25654037, 25654038, 25654037

05. Guwahati NSH

  • NSH situated in Guwahati is known as Guwahati NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Contact number- NA
  • Address- Guwahati

06. Bengaluru NSH

  • NSH situated in Banglore is known as Bengaluru NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Contact number- 080-22850091
  • Address-Banglore

07. Ahmedabad NSH

  • NSH situated in Ahmedabad is known as Ahmedabad NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Contact number- NA
  • Address- PLI Building, Girdharnagar Road, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad 380004

08. Kochi NSH

  • NSH situated in Kochi is known as Kochi NSH (National Sorting Hub).
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Contact number- NA
  • Address- Kochi

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Question 01. Does NSH deliver speed post articles?

Answer- No. NSH is not authorized to deliver speed post articles.

Question 02. Can I receive my speed post article from my nearest NSH office?

Answer- No. NSH does not deliver speed post articles. You have to visit your nearest delivery post office. Find here your nearest post office by Pin Code.

Question 03- Can I visit my nearest NSH office?

Answer- No, the public is not allowed to visit the NSH office as per departmental policy.

Question 04- My Passport is showing at NSH office, can I collect it from there?

Answer- No.

Question 05- What is the meaning of NSH?

Answer- NSH stands for National Sorting Hub, It is a hub post office where speed post articles are processed for further disposal.

Question 06- How long does NSH take to deliver a Speed Post?

Answer- NSH office does not deliver speed posts. It sorts and closes bags for another office i.e. SO, HO, ICH, NSH. Only SO, HO and BO deliver speed post articles through Postman and GDS staff.

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