BNPL full form in Post Office

BNPL is a scheme of the post office department for booking Speed Post and Business Parcels in bulk quantity for registered customers at BNPL centers and BPC.

Read this post completely to know what is the full form of BNPL and what is BNPL scheme of post office. Here I explained BNPL scheme in detail in this post. You will get all the information about Book Now Pay Later scheme along with the ruling and agreement format. 

If you can able to provide a minimum of 10,000 business in a month then you must have to avail BNPL facility from postal department. Check here the registration process for the BNPL scheme.

BNPL full form in post office

The full form of BNPL in post office is Book Now Pay Later. It is a scheme where bulk customers get a credit facility for up to one month for booking Speed Post and Business Parcel.

This BNPL scheme is only available at BNPL centers and BPCs. These offices are authorized to provide Book Now Pay Later scheme by the Department of Post.

BNPL full form in Post Office

What is Book Now Pay Later Scheme?

BNPL (Book Now May Later) is a post office scheme where bulk customers or contractual customers will get a credit facility for booking speed post articles and business parcels at Business Post Centers.

Customers must have to provide Rs. 10,000 Rupees business in a month to get this scheme. An agreement for one year will be signed between post office authority and customers. After a period of one year (maximum 3 years), the approving authority will renew the contract as per rules and regulations.

Under this scheme, monthly BNPL bills will be prepared by the booking office where customer is registered for BNPL. Bill will be raised by 7th day of the following month. The customer has to pay the bill amount before 30 days from the date of issuance of the bill.

Post Office BNPL Scheme key features

A list of all BNPL scheme features are as under-

  • Credit facility for up to one month.
  • Rebate as per the rule
  • Booking of speed post or business parcel at one location or multiple locations. (subject to business provided)

BNPL ( Book Now Pay Later) Latest Ruling

The Department of Posts already issued a large number of BNPL rulings. Latest Book Now Pay Later (BNPL) ruling Check here.

BNPL Hub in India (BNPL Center)

A huge number of BNPL booking hubs (BNPL Centers) are working in India under the Department of Post. Check BNPL Speed Post Booking Center list below. 

  • BNPL Hyderabad
  • Speedpost Centre Vijayawada
  • Guwahati BNPL SP Hub
  • Patna BNPL SP Hub
  • BPC BNPL SP Hub PBC Kashmere Gate
  • Basant Lok BNPL SP Hub
  • SPEC MEA Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan
  • Market Road BNPL SP Hub
  • Post Bureau Extn Counter
  • Ahmedabad(Bhavnagar) BNPL SP Hub
  • CPCITD Bengaluru
  • Bengaluru NSH BNPL Centre
  • Manipal BPC
  • Mysuru BNPL
  • BNPL NSH Thiruvananthapuram
  • BNPL Indore GPO
  • Dadar Mumbai BNPL SP Hub
  • UTI Konkan Bhavan Mumbai BNPL SP Hub
  • Agripada BNPL SP Hub
  • Mumbai BNPL SP Hub
  • Mumbai OSA BNPL SP Hub
  • Mumbai North East Mumbai BNPL SP Hub
  • Pune BNPL SP Hub
  • Pune SP BNPL Hub
  • Bhubaneswar BNPL SP Hub
  • Chandigarh BNPL SP Hub
  • BNPL Hub  Anna Road
  • Anna Road BNPL SP Hub
  • Nandanam BNPL SP Hub
  • BNPL Counter Bareilly RMS
  • BNPL Counter Moradabad RMS
  • Ghaziabad BNPL SP Hub
  • Noida BNPL SP Hub
  • Lucknow BNPL SP Hub
  • BO Kharagpur RMS
  • BO Bankura RMS
  • BO Purulia RMS
  • BO Haldia RMS


Question 01-What is eligibility for BNPL?

Answer- Minimum 10000/- business per month is required to become a BNPL customer.

Question 02-What is BNPL booking hub?

Answer- BNPL hub is a booking office where all speed post articles are booked in bulk quantity.

Question 03- Can I book my speed post article at multiple locations in India?

Answer- Yes. subject to provide a minimum business of 1,00,000/- Rupees.

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