How to fill Post Office Withdrawal Form in 2023?

It is necessary to fill post office withdrawal form at the time of withdrawal of money from post savings account at any post office. Without filling out the Post office withdrawal form, money can not be withdrawn.

If you don't know how to fill post office withdrawal form then this post is for you. Here I shared an ultimate guide on post office withdrawal form fill-up.

Post Office Withdrawal Form (SB-7)

A form/slip which is used to withdraw money from a post office account is known as a post office withdrawal form.

The technical name of the post office withdrawal slip is SB-7. If you don't know how it looks then please check the below image of a post office withdrawal form here.

An image of Post Office Withdrawal form

Click here to download the PDF file of a post office withdrawal form or slip.

Post Office Withdrawal Form fill up

The left side of SB-7 (withdrawal form) must be filled by the account holder while withdrawing money from his post office SB account.
  • Name of the post office
  • Date
  • Type of account
  • Account number
  • Amount in words and figures
  • Signature of the account holder.

After filling in all details mentioned above, submit SB-7 along with the passbook to counter PA.
He will initiate withdrawal after verification of signature and photo.
Once the withdrawal request is completed, the same will be verified by the supervisor.
After verification, the counter PA will disburse the money and take signatures from the account holder for receiving money.

How to fill Post office withdrawal form (video)


Question 01- How do I fill out a post office withdrawal form?

Answer- First of all, write the post office's name, Date, Type of account, Account number, and Amount in words and figures, and do the Signature on SB-7 (Post Office Withdrawal form). After that submit it to counter PA. He will give money as a request to withdraw. a step-by-step is already explained here. 

Question 02- How much cash can I withdraw from post office in one day?

Answer- There is no limit to the withdrawal of money from a post office home. If you are withdrawing money other than from the home branch then only 25000/- can be withdrawn in one day.

Question 03- Can I withdraw money from post office without a passbook?

Answer- No, passbook is mandatory while withdrawing money at the post office.

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