LSG full form in Post Office

The Department of Posts has various posts in the post offices like GDS, PA, MTS, SA, Postman, Mail Guard, LSG, HSG-I, HSG-II, IPO, IRM, ASP, ASRM, SRM, SPOs, SSPOs, DPS, PMG, CPMG, etc.

Today, I am going to tell you LSG full form in post office. What is LSG in the post office? A list of all benefits of accepting LSG promotion is mentioned here.

LSG Full form in Post office

The full form of LSG is Lower Selection Grade. It is a type of post in the postal department. As per the 6th CPC, the Grade Pay is 2800/- for LSG.

LSG is a supervisory post in the post office and DPS is the appointing authority of an LSG official. It means the divisional head can only issue minor penalties to LSG officials.

LSG Benefits

  • LSG is the appointing authority of GDS and the sub-appointing authority of Postman and MTS.
  • The appointing authority of LSG is the DPS. So, an LSG official can be posted at any division in a circle by DPS.
  • APAR is given to LSG officials to report their achievements. After that divisional head will give marks in APAR. 
  • An LSG official can appear in the LDCE Group B exam after 5 years of service as an LSG.
  • An LSG official can't get a rule 38 transfer. 
  • An LSG official can be promoted to HSG-II, HSG-I, and NFG posts.
  • If a PA declines LSG promotion then he is not entitled to get further MACPs till accepting LSG promotion. So that PA has to accept LSG promotion, if he will get MACP in a few years.


In short, we can say that LSG is a type of post in the post office department. the full form of LSG is a lower selection grade. It is compulsory to accept LSG promotion to get further MACP benefits by a postal assistant.

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