Charge Report Post Office (PDF Download)

Charge report post office is available here for free download. If you are going to fill post office charge report then download it from here. The post Office charge Report is known as ACG-61.

When a post office employee goes on Earned Leave then he has to fill Charge Report (ACG-61) before relieve.

Similarly, when a post office employee comes back to join duty after availing of Earned Leave then he has to fill out again post office charge report.

A post office charges report comes under rule number 267 of the posts and telegraphs financial handbook, Volume-I Second Edition.

Charge Report Post Office

You can download the Post Office Charge report PDF file from the below link

Click Here to download the PDF file of the Charge Report of Post Offices,

Charge Report Post Office Page 1

Charge Report Post Office Page 2

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