Hey friends, if you a government employee in the department of post, then you have to know about DOP service desk website. Many employees already know the importance of DOP service desk who are aware of the latest information of CSI. But some of the dop employees who are working in those post offices which are situated in backward areas of India, still not know about the DOP service desk online portal website.

 Hence, today I am sharing here all about on DOP service desk of India Post.

What is DOP service desk website?

What is DOP service desk?

As we know that now all the post offices, Railway Mail Offices (RMS), and admin office of the Department of the post are working on CSI (Core System Integration) only.

All work of a particular post office is being done on CSI software only. Like DPMS, POS, IPVS, Backoffice, and SAP etc.

Every company and department provides customer support to their employees for any technical problem. Similarly, the Department of Post also provided an online portal for their employees which provides all the technical support to DOP family. This technical support is providing by a company called TCS. Because CSI project is implemented by the TCS company in the department of post as per agreement/ contract in between DOP postal directorate and TCS.

This technical support is called DOP service desk and the online portal of DOP service desk is called DOP service desk website.

DOP service desk link (DOP service desk URL)

Note: the DOP service desk website will only accessible in the Sify network. It is not working in the public domain. It may be accessible in public domain in the future. You have to visit a post office to use the above link or Service Desk DOP.

Is any mobile app available for DOP service desk?

It is good news for the postal employees that a mobile application is also is available for DOP service desk called DOP service desk app. It is not available in the Google Play Store. You can download this application from the below link only.

Click here to download the latest version of DOP service desk app.

By using the above app in android mobile, you can use the DOP service desk technical support from any place.

What is the latest version of DOP service desk mobile application?

Recently, the TCS team has released the latest version android/mobile application of DOP service desk. It is called the latest version of DOP Service desk app.

Click here to download the latest version of DOP service desk app.

How to work DOP service desk mobile app and DOP service desk website?

We have already discussed on DOP service desk website and latest DOP service desk mobile app, but we still did not discuss that how is it works?

The main work of this website as well as the mobile application is to raise a ticket. If you have a technical problem while working in the post office, just open the service desk app on your android mobile and raise a ticket for the same problem.

The TCS/Sify NI teams will resolve your problem on the same day or next 2-3 days.


The DOP service desk website is a totally technical support website for all the employees of the department of post.