What is MACP? Latest MACP Clarification in detail

Hey, friends do you know the actual MACP meaning and what is MACP? Here I am going to explain all about MACP or MACP Scheme

What is the meaning of MACP? 

Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP)-  As we already know that Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme is related to financial up-gradation to the central government employees. It is known as the MACP scheme. It is working on the basis of the 6th pay commission of the central government.

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MACP scheme, MACP latest news

What is MACP?

MACP Full form is Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme. There are a total of 3 MACPs working in all Central Government as per pay commission. MACP-1, MACP-II, and MACP-III. Central Government can get MACP after completion of 10-year service in any central government department. 

  • MACP 1st- 10 years after joining in a central government department.
  • MACP 2nd- 10 years after MACP 1st or 20 years after joining in any central government department.
  • MACP 3rd- 10 years after MACP 2nd or 20 years after MACP 1st or 30 years after joining in any central government department.

What is MACP in 7th pay commission?

Para 5.1.44 of the7th pay commission report, MACP is recommended for financial up-gradation to be admissible at 10, 20, and 30 years as before (6th pay commission).

As we know that a new pay matrix has been introduced in the 7th pay commission, employees will get into the next level of the pay matrix after getting MACPs. 

What is difference between ACP and MACP?

ACP was introduced in 1998 by the Government of India. It assures a minimum of two promotions to central government employees. If it is not granted then two financial up-gradation will get to any individual Central Government employees. But MACP is the updated version of ACP. It was introduced by the central government as per the 6th pay commission recommendation.

MACP assures a minimum of three financial up-gradation to each and every central government employee. He will get this three financial up-gradation after completion of 10 years service, 20 years service, and 30 years service.  

How many years are required for MACP?

As I already explained about the MACP scheme. Central government employees have to complete 10 years of service to get MACP 1st. Similarly, he has to complete 20 years and 30 years of service to get MACP 2nd and MACP 3rd respectively.

Who are eligible for MACP

The MACP scheme is applicable only to all central government employees. The Scheme may be extended to employees of Central Autonomous/Statutory Bodies under the administrative control of a Ministry/Department subject to fulfillment of conditions prescribed in DOPT's OM No. 35034/3/2010-Estt. 

MACP latest News- Latest MACP Clarification on this Scheme

DOPT releases various MACP clarification as well as MACP latest news for all central government employees (latest clarification on MACP Scheme). Here I am going to share all MACP dopt orders for you. Just check the below all MACP latest news to get an update yourself on the MACP

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