Post Office E- calendar 2021

Postal/post office department has released an India Post e-calendar 2021 for the new year i.e. 2021. It is also known as Post Office Calendar 2021. Check Post Office Calendar 2021 PDF download here.

Features of Post office E-calendar 2021 (Post Office Calendar 2021)

The E-calendar 2021 has various designs of India's embroideries on each page. 

As we know that embroideries of India belong to different genres that vary by region and clothing style. Patterns in Indian embroidery are formed on the basis of the texture and the design on the fabric and the stitch. The dot and the alternate dot, the circle, the square, the triangle and permutations &  combinations thereof constitute the pattern of the embroidery.

Jan 2021- Kutch Embroidery

Kutch Embroidery is the textile signature art tradition of the tribal community of Kutch District of Gujarat. The embroidery is generally done on fabrics of cotton, in the form of a net using cotton or silk threads. The art form became a vocation for women of Kutch who made a living out of this craft.

Feb 2021- Sujani

Sujani embroidery originated from the Bhusura village of Bihar. It is considered as a form of quilting wherein old sarees and dhotis are used as the creative canvas. The Sujani is not merely a traditional craft, it is also a way to convey social and political messages.

March 2021- Phulkari

Phulkari is the most famous rural embroidery tradition of Punjab. It finds mention in the Punjabi folklore of ‘Heer Ranjha’ by Waris Shah. It uses a darn stitch done from the wrong side of the fabric using darning needles, one thread at a time, leaving a long stitch below to form the basic pattern. 

April 2021- Kantha

Kantha is perhaps the oldest form of Indian embroidery as it can be traced back to the 1st Century A.D. This needlework reuses old clothes such as sarees and dhotis and turns them into something new with a simple stitch. It is a form of embroidery often practised by rural women in the states of West Bengal, Tripura and Odisha.

May 2021- Chamba Rumal

Chamba Rumal is an embroidered handicraft that was promoted under the patronage of the rulers of Chamba kingdom. Earliest reported form of this rumal is the one made by Bebe Nanaki, sister of Guru Nanak Dev ji in the 16th century, which is now preserved in the Gurudwara at Hoshiarpur. 

June 2021- Chikankari

The present form of Chikankari work is associated with the city of Lucknow. Chikan embroidery is believed to have been introduced by Noor Jahan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Chikan embroidery involves the use of white thread on white muslin, fine cotton, or voile to showcase shadow work.

July 2021- Kamal Kadhai

Kamal Kadhai is native to the state of Andhra Pradesh that primarily uses needle weaving to stitch beautiful flowers. The flower petals look like they have "steps"or "levels" creating a three dimensional effect. This style of embroidery first started amongst the rural folk about 500 years ago and later received royal patronage.

August 2021- Kasuti

Kasuti is a traditional form of folk embroidery practised in the state of Karnataka. Kasuti work is very intricate and sometimes involves crafting upto 5,000 stitches by hand. Its history dates back to the Chalukya period. The pattern to be embroidered is first marked with charcoal or pencil and then proper needles and thread are selected. The patterns are stitched without using knots to ensure that both sides of the cloth look alike.

Sept 2021- Appliqué

Appliqué is a type of embroidery that employs a smaller patch or fabric to be applied or sewed onto a larger fabric or surface to create different designs and abstract patterns. This embroidery art form came to India with the French in the 17th century. The biggest variety of appliqué craftsmen are focused in Pipli and there are quite a few in Puri, Odisha. 

Oct 2021- Shamilami

Shamilami is the renowned textile craft from Manipur, it uses a technique that combines both weaving and embroidery. The ethnic Meitei community practises this intricate technique. Possession of Shamilami is considered a status symbol. 

Nov 2021- Kashmiri Embroidery

Kashmiri embroidery (also called Kashida) is used for phirans (woollen kurtas) and namdahs (woollen rugs) as well as stoles. It draws inspiration from nature. Kashmiri embroidery is known for the skilled execution of a single stitch, often called the Kashmiri stitch.

Dec 2021- Toda Embroidery

Toda embroidery has its origins in Tamil Nadu. Locally known as “Pukhoor” meaning flower, this embroidery is an art work among the Toda pastoral people of the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu. The embroidery adorns shawls. The shawl, called poothkuli, has red and black bands between which this embroidery is done.

India Post E-calendar 2021 PDF Download 

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