Check UCO Bank Account Number Digits here (updated)

UCO Bank Account number digits:- Hello friends, do you know how many digits in uco bank account number? Do you want to know about UCO bank account number digit information? If you still don't know about the account number digits UCO bank then you have to read this post up to the end. Here I am going to share full information on UCO bank account number digits.

UCO Bank account number digits

How many digits are in the UCO Bank Account number

We know that each and every bank follows specific rules regarding account number digits. If a customer applies for a new account in Bank then Bank has to follow these rules while allotting an account number. Some of the banks have 11 digits in their bank account number and some banks offer 16 digits account numbers to customers. Today I am going to share that how many digits in UCO bank account number. I have mentioned it below for your kind information.

We know that UCO bank is the commercial bank type and it is also working under the government of India. It was formed in about 1943. So it is working for the last many years in India and also has a reputed position in the banking sector.

UCO Bank offers a large number of account types to customers like zero balance account, basic saving account, regular savings account, current accounts, PPF account, RD account, salary account, savings account, FD account, etc. You have to choose a single account type while opening of a new account at UCO bank because each category account has specific features. You can check it from the official website of the UCO bank. Click here to visit the official website of UCO bank.

account number digits of UCO Bank

UCO Bank Account number Digits information

As per UCO bank employee, UCO bank account number digits are 14 in number. It means UCO bank allotts 14 digits account numbers to a new customer. Some of the screenshots are placed below for your quick response. The below images show that UCO bank account number digits are fourteen. 

UCO Bank account number digit

account number digit of UCO Bank

Name of the bank

UCO Bank

UCO Bank total Branch in India

More the 3000+

UCO bank account number digits

14 (fourteen)

UCO bank internet banking status

Yes, working

If you have to enter sixteen account numbers for your UCO bank account then you can use two zero before the account number.


Question-1) how many digits are in UCO bank account number?
Answer- 14 (fourteen)

Question-2) How do I know my UCO Bank account number?
Answer- You have to check the Bank passbook. UCO bank account number is printed on the first of the passbook.

Question-3) Is UCO bank account number has 14 digits?
Answer- Yes

Question-4) Can I open UCO bank savings account online?
Answer- Yes, bank has a facility to open a new saving account online. The customer has to apply online through the official website.

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