Recently an SB order 28/2020 has been issued by the Postal Directorate regarding SB-5 and SB-5A passbook used in CBS and non-CBS post offices for SB/RD/MIS/SCSS/PPF/ SSA/TD/NSC /KVP schemes. There were no information for cover page of post office passbook SB-5 anbd SB-5A for all post office savings scheme. 

Now, the Postal Directorate has been issued a clarification on the above SB order 28/2020 for introcuding new cover pages for both types of post office passbooks. i.e. SB-5 and SB-5A.

SB-5 and SB-5A Post office passbook image

Friends, here I am sharing latest and revised cover page image of SB-5 and SB-5A post office passbook. You can also download the PDF file of the below Post office passbook image. 

Amendment in SB order 28/2020 for Post Office Passbook images

These revised post office bank passbook cover page for SB-5 and SB-5A will be used in CBS and non CBS post offices. Other specification like size, paper and thread will remain same as being used in existing post office bank passbook.

Download the PDF file of cover page of SB-5 Post office Passbook

Download the PDF file of cover page of SB-5A Post office Passbook

Download the PDF file of the above letter of the Postal Directorate.