How to get India Post Office Franchise in 2024? (Post Offce Franchise Kaise le)

Do you want to get Post Office Franchise? If yes then you have to read this post to know how to get India Post Franchise in 2024. (Post Office Franchise Kise le)

Do you know what services are offered under Post Office Franchise by the DOP?

Today I am going to tell you what is Post Office Franchise and how to get it. So just read this post up to the end to know the step-by-step process for getting India Post Office Franchise.

How to get a Postal Franchise? KNow all about to Indian Postal Franchise

What is Post office Franchise (India Post Franchise)?

We already know that a huge number of post offices are already working across India. 

These all post offices come under the Department of Posts and Ministry of Communication, Government of India.

India Post Department provides a list of services to the public through post offices.

The Department also provides post office service (only booking of articles) through a franchise scheme named Post Office Franchise.

India Post Franchise, DOP franchise, and Indian Post Office Franchise are synonyms names of the Post office franchise.

Post office Franchise types

Post Office Franchise has two types. These are as under-
  1. Counter services through Franchise Outlets in areas where there is demand for postal services, but a post office cannot be opened.
  2. Sale of postal stamps and stationery through Postal Agents in urban and rural areas.

Post office Franchise Scheme Features

The Department of Posts allows online counter service under postal franchise. Transmission of mail and delivery of mail will be done by the postal department only.

Post office Franchise services list

Now, I am going to share a list of all services which will be provided to the postal franchise. These are as under-
  • Sale of Postal stamps
  •  Sale of stationery including philatelic items
  • Booking of registered, speed post articles
  • Booking of money orders (on EDBO model), e-post, etc. 
  • Bulk booking of registered/speed post articles is allowed.
  • Bulk booking from BNPL customers is not allowed.
  • Money order booking value more than 100/- rupees is not allowed.
  • Other services like- the collection of PLI premium, sale of revenue stamps and CRF stamps, e-governance, and citizen-centric service can also be allowed but these depend on subject to agreement.

How to Get Post Office Franchise in 2024

If you want to get a post office franchise, then you have to below process. A step-by-step procedure to get Post Office Franchise is explained below.
  • First of all, you have to download the Postal franchise application form from here.
  • Fill it out and submit this application form to the respective post office.
  • If you are eligible for it then an agreement will be signed between you and the Department of Post as per the rules.
  • After the agreement sign, you can start your post office franchise.

Eligibility Criteria for Selection of Postal Franchise

The criteria for selection of a post office franchise are as under-
  1.  Individuals, as well as institutions/organizations/ other entities like corner shops, paanwalas, kiranawalas, stationery shops, small shopkeepers, etc. in urban and rural areas and new upcoming urban townships, special economlc zones, major highway projects, upcoming new industrial centers, colleges, polytechnics, universities, professional colleges, etc., are eligible to get a postal franchise.
  2. An agreement will be signed by the head of the respective institute/organization and the Department of Posts.
  3. Family members of a post office employee who is already working in the postal department are not eligible.
  4. Candidate must have 18 years of age. 
  5. Candidate must be passed the 8th class.
  6. Department gives first priority to postal pensioners who can able do computer work before another public individuals.
  7. Security Deposit Rs. 5000/- must be deposited in the form of NSC. The amount may be increased in the future as per the daily revenue of the franchise.
  8. Postal Franchise must be opened at the appropriate location.
  9. A brief introduction will be explained by Sub Divisional inspector for training purposes to the applicant.
  10. Pre-printed Barcode Stickers shall be provided to Franchise Outlets by the Department of Post for article booking purposes.

Postal Franchise Application Form Download 

Click here to download the PDF file of the Postal Franchise Application form in Annexure-I.

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