Compassionate Appointment in Postal Department-

Recently, an order has been issued by the Postal Directorate on revised merit points and selection procedure for compassionate appointments in the postal department.

As we know that there is a unique procedure for compassionate ground appointment. Hence the Postal Directorate has been issued a revised list of various factors that are used for calculating Relative Merit Points for appointment on compassionate ground.

What is Relative Merit Points in the compassionate ground appointment?

The Relative Merit Points (RMP) for assigning weightage to various attributes of the applicants for compassionate appointments. The revised RMP is based on 100 points of 10 variables with the provision of additional 15 maximum bonus points for the applicant if she is the widow of the deceased employee/wife of an employee who has retired on medical grounds. 

List of revised RMP (Relative Merit Points) for appointment on compassionate ground 

Here I am sharing a list of revised RMPs which should be used in the calculation of compassionate appointment in the Department of Posts.
Compassionate appointment in Postal Department

Compassionate appointment in Postal Department

Compassionate appointment in Postal Department

Compassionate appointment in Postal Department

Periodicity of CRC meeting for compassionate appointment

In respect of all applications for compassionate appointments received from January to December of a calendar year, the CRC meeting will be held by all postal circles once in a year, between January to March of the next calendar year.

Cut-Off Date for compassionate appointment

The date of death or date of retirement on medical grounds will be considered as cut off date for the purpose of assessing the indigent condition of the applicant under RMPS for compassionate appointment.

Circle specific vacancy

The vacancies to be utilised by a Circle for compassionate appointment in a year should not be more than 5% of the vacancies in Direct Recruitment Quota in Group C Posts in a year.

Place of Posting

As far as administratively feasible, applicants appointed on compassionate grounds will be posted at a place as per preference indicated or near his/her hometown or in the same division in which the applicant is residing, subject to availability of vacancies.

Note: These revised guidelines will come into effect from 1st October 2020. Cases recommended by previous CRC to be considered by subsequent CRC will be considered based on these revised point system. All cases closed so far will not be reopened.

Click here to download the PDF file of these orders.

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