How to unlock CSI user ID in IM Portal-

CSI project has already been implemented in the department of post. Now all the post offices are working on CSI software like SAP, POS, and Backoffice. 

Each and every postal employee have been given a user id by the department to do work in this CSI software. These IDs are called CSI user IDs. 

You can only log in to this CSI software by using CSI user ID and password.

How to unlock CSI user ID in IM Portal

Why CSI user ID locked?

Sometimes, the ID becomes locked due to entering three times the wrong password at the time of login to do work in this software.

If CSI user Id is locked then you cannot log in to the software without unlocking the ID.

Hence ID has to be unlocked to log in again in CSI software.

A portal is also introduced for user maintenance called IM Portal. All user maintenance work is done in this IM portal of India Post. It only opens in the Sify network.

Who can unlock CSI user ID

Only the user whose ID is RDA enabled can unlock CSI user ID. Although the RDA role can be given in any ID however user ID of the divisional head is RDA enabled. 

That is to say, a locked ID can be unlocked only by the head ID or any RDA-enabled ID.

How to unlock a CSI user ID

Here I am sharing step by step procedure to unlock CSI user ID. You can unlock any user Id by following this procedure.
  • Open the IM portal in the browser. (IM portal opens in only Sify network)  
  • login by using RDA enabled user ID and password
  • Click on the Users option
  • Click on Unlock user account

How to unlock CSI user ID in IM Portal

  • Enter CSI user ID which is unlocked and click on the search button ( detail will be displayed like employee name, the designation of the employee, office name, etc.)
  • Click on submit button
  • Select Name instead of user id, select = instead of *, select endpoint, then click on the search button. 
  • Now the account details will appear as given in the screen below. 

How to unlock CSI user ID in IM Portal
How to unlock CSI user ID in IM Portal

  • Select the checkbox corresponding to the account you want to unlock. Select the Unlock option which is given under Actions for selected accounts/user ID, then click on submit. The account will get unlocked.
  • You have to wait for 20-30 minutes for affecting changes on the server. sometimes, it takes 2 minutes to 1 hrs depending on the server.
  • Users can log in to the system after the prescribed time which is shared in the above supra.

Thinks to keep in mind while logging in to CSI SAP

If a postal employee wants to save the ID from being locked, then the following points have to be followed.

  • Remember CSI user ID and password.
  • Do not enter three times the wrong password.
  • Close all SAP login screens when entering the wrong password twice. restart the SAP login screen for login again. It gives again two chances.

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