Quick overview on DOP Agent Software 2024

Quick overview on DOP Agent Sofware 2020

If you are an India Post agent in the department of posts then you have to work online in the India Post agent login portal but it is a traditional way to do work by a DOP agent. You have to log in to this post agent login portal to do work online.

Click here to log in at India Post Agent Login online portal

In this new technical era, the DOP agents want to do work correctly by taking less time consumption. Hence, some of the companies have provided their software for DOP agents to do work fast and accurately. This software can manage multiple accounts with all details.

There are two most popular software/application available in the market for DOP agents which are as under: -
  • 1. DOP agent software 
  • 2. DOP agent app

This software is being used by thousands of India Post agents across India and they are extremely happy by using this software because they can do their work with high speed with 99.99% accuracy.

Overview of DOP Agent Software

The DOP Agent software is a tool/software to manage multiple accounts of account holders which should be maintained by an India Post agent. This tool/software also saves whole data of account holders along with page numbers of their lot. It is developed by the IT team of DOPAGENTSOFTWARE company. The official website of the above company is https://www.dopagentsoftware.com/.

This software provides the easiest way for DOP agents to manage multiple accounts and to make their lots. If you are a post office agent then you also have to use this software. You may visit the DOP agent software official website which is shared in supra. Download the software and use it.

Features of DOP agent software

This is a famous software that is used by most of the postal agents. Some important features are described below for your reference which makes this software powerful. 

  • It provides find/search option by which information can be found from various accounts
  • It provides a rebate facility and default entries of an account.
  • You can also download and print each report regarding the details of various accounts.
  • It also makes up to 10 lots of various accounts.
  • You can also prepare offline schedules
  • to find default accounts and pay installments in advance.
  • Every step can be done by a single click
  • Some shortcuts are also available in this software. No need to enter the entire account number.

Why should be used this software by a DOP agent  

01. Saving Time/Efforts of RD Agents- If You are using India POst DOP agent website to do work then it will be very difficult to do work because India Post Online portal does not have all facilities. Results, It has consumed more time.

DOP Agent Software App brings an extremely easy to use solution where the steps are automated and it brings efficiency to prepare schedules/lists daily.

02. No Technical Skills Needed- Dop Agent Software is so simple to use for each and every DOP agent.

03 Creating more lots for RD- DOP agent software creates 10 lots of post office recurring deposit at once, without any error.

04. Filing of various entries is very easier- You can enter some entries with the help of a barcode scanner. There is no need to enter 10-digit account numbers manually. 

05. Action with One Click response- Some of the processes are single clickable hence you may print automatically, etc.

06. Error-free, No Mistakes- TDOP agent Software is an error-free software that gives 99.99% accuracy. 

07. Automatic Missed Entry Updates
There is a provision for automatic entry of all the records, even for the past missed entries or for the rebate, India post agent commission, post office mis interest rate, etc.

08. Colors to Differentiate Accounts
You can do color at different types of entries like Green for successful and Red for failed entries.

09. Finding Specific Accounts by search option
It has a search option facility to find different accounts form different pages.

10. Defaulter's Accounts List 
It will also show you all the Defaulter's accounts List who are not paying the installments from the last many months, You can remind them to deposit their amount.

11. Freeze of Accounts
It will alert you for the accounts for whom 5 months are already due and a timely reminder to the customer will save the account.

How to download this DOP agent software

Hiii DOP agents, here I am sharing the link to download DOP agent software.
Click here to visit DOP agent software.
Click on Free Download Button which is present on the top right portal of this official website.
Enter Name, phone number, and DOP Id. then submit it.
Click on the download button.
The software will be downloaded for installation.


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