It is good news for those customers who are unable to visit the post office physically to open a KVP account and NSC account. 

As per SB order 13/2022, now the post office KVP account and NSC account can be opened online using DOP internet banking. These orders are effective from 18.08.2022

Just login into DOP internet banking, and apply online to open a Post Office KVP account or NSC account.

SB Order 13/2022

How to open Post Office KVP and NSC account online: SB Order 13/2022

As I already told you that the Department of Post issued an order regarding the online opening of KVP and NSC accounts in a post office.

Now I am going to share a full process for online opening National Savings Certificates (VIII Issue) (NSC) and Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) accounts.

Customers can also close KVP and NSC accounts online through DOP internet banking. Online closing of KVP and NSC accounts is explained separately in this post. 

Step-by-Step procedure for online opening of Post Office NSC and KVP account: -

Make sure that DOP internet banking is already activated for your Post Office Savings Bank account. If Internet baking is not activated then first, you have to enable DOP Internet Banking for your post office account. 

After successful activation of DOP Internet Banking, you have to follow the below step-by-step procedure to open KVP Post Office Account and NSC Post Office Account online.
  1. Login into DOP Intemet Banking 
  2. Click on the General Services option
  3. Then click on the Service Requests option
  4. Now click on the 'New Requests' option
  5. Click on NSC Account - Open an NSC Account (For NSC) and KVP Account - Open a KVP Account (For KVP)
  6. Now you have to deposit the amount. Deposit Amount (Enter Amount for which NSC to be opened minimum Rs. 1000 and in multiple of Rs. 100)
  7. Debit Account (Select linked PO Saving Account)
  8. Click on 'Click Here to read terms and conditions and accept terms and conditions.
  9. Click on the Submit online button.
  10. Enter your Transaction Password. 
  11. Click on Submit
  12. View,/Download Deposit Receipt.
  13. Login again to view the details of NSC opened under accounts. 
  14. NSC or KVP account will be opened in the name of the DOP Internet Banking user and the nominee will be the same as registered in the linked PO Savings Account.

How to close Post Office KVP and NSC accounts online

KVP account and NSC account are now closed online through DOP internet banking. Just follow the below process which I explained in detail to close an NSC/KVP post office account online. 

Process for Online closing of NSC/KVP Post Office account

  1. First of all, log in to DOP Internet Banking
  2. Click on the General Services
  3. Again click on Service Requests
  4. Now click on New Requests
  5. Choose Closure of NSC Account (For NSC) or Closure of KVP Account (For KVP)
  6. Deposit Account (Select NSC account/KVP Account to be closed)
  7. Credit Account (Select linked PO Saving Account)
  8. Now click on Submit online
  9. Enter your Transaction Password
  10. Click on Submit button
  11. View Download Closure Receipt.
  12. Log out and log in again to view the details of NSC closed Accounts.

SB Order no. 13/2022 PDF download

Click here to download the PDF file of SB order no. 13/2022.