Consignment details not found meaning in post office

Do you want to know why passport tracking is showing consignment details not found? What is the meaning of Consignment details not found in India Post?

If yes, then today I am going to discuss here consignment details not found meaning in post office.

Before knowing this you need to know from where Consignment details not found' term came.
When people receive a message from the passport authority that their passport has been dispatched with Speed Post number PPxxxxxxxxIN.

After getting this message, they want to track their passports on the India Post website. Because they are already excited to get passports as fast as possible.

You can also track your Passport form here. If, you don't know how to track a consignment then read the ultimate guide on Speed Post Tracking

When they track their Speed post consignment containing Passport, India Post tracking Status shows consignment details not found.

Seeing this message, people get nervous that what happened. Where did their passport go? Why passport is not being tracked?

If you are in the same situation then this post will help you. Where you will find the right answer to all the questions.
Consignment Details Not Found

Consignment Details not Found meaning

Consignment details not found means your speed post article is still not scanned at any post office. you don't need to worry.

It happened because a large number of passports are sent simultaneously from the passport office to the post office for booking, dispatch, and delivery.

At the same time, the passport office also sends you a message to all customers, but the booking of the said passport is done later by the post office.

In the case of non-booking, Consignment details not found status comes in tracking.

It may take 2 or 3 days to book a passport through the post office. It depends on the number of passports that came for booking.

So, you should have some patience and after the next 2 or 2 days, you should once again track the passport on the India Post website by using the Speed Post Tracking number which was received in the message earlier.

If your passport has been booked, the tracking status will show Item booked. Consignment details not found come only in case of non-booking of passport.


Question 01- Why it is showing consignment details not found in India Post? 

Answer- When speed post consignment is still not booked at the post office and we want to track it on the India Post website. Tracking status will show consignment details not found.

Don't panic seeing this message. You have to track again it after 2 or 3 days. You will find the right and current tracking status while tracking the consignment.

Question 02- Why would a tracking number not be found?

Answer- If India Post Tracking tells you that your Speed post tracking number cannot be found, it means that your speed post article or passport has not yet been booked by the post office. Consignment tracking will be visible only after booking. It is a common process in the postal department.

Question 03- What happens if speed post tracking is not updated?

Answer- If your tracking number does not work and is not traceable, it means your speed post is yet not booked and scanned at the post office. As soon as the article is booked, it will appear in the tracking.

Question 04- How can I Track my consignment passport?

Answer- You have to note down the Speed Post consignment number which was received in the SMS received from the passport office. After that, you have to track it on the India Post Website. You will find the absolutely right location for your passport, where it is present right now.

My thoughts

Today, you got the meaning of Consignment Details Not Found. I am sure, after reading this post, you got the right answer that what to do when you find Consignment Details Not Found status while tracking on the India Post website for your passport or speed post.

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