What is consignment number in India Post Office (Tracking number)

What is consignment number- Hello friends, do you want to know about the India Post Consignment number? What is the use of consignment numbers in the post office? Why India Post uses a consignment number for all products like speed post, registered article, parcel, etc? Today I am going to share answers to all the above questions here. So, you have to just read this post up to the end to know about what is consignment number is in the India post?

What is consignment number in India Post

What is consignment number in India Post for speed post?

We know that speed post is a premium service of the Department of posts. It is a popular service among people because people can send their parcels to any country. It is an international service of the post office.

Many private couriers also deliver a parcel in any part of India but speed post is the most popular and reliable service of India Post. Speed post is also less price than other couriers. When a speed post is booked by a post office, it allots a specific and unique tracking number. This tracking number is called consignment number in India Post for speed post(speed post tracking). Speed post consignment number starts in India from the "E" alphabet. You can check some examples of speed post consignment numbers below.
  • ERxxxxxxxxxIN
  • EWxxxxxxxxxIN
  • EQxxxxxxxxxIN
  • EAxxxxxxxxxIN

India Post Tracking Number

What is the consignment number in India Post

A specific and unique number provided by the post office

Speed post consignment number format


Parcel consignment number format


Register letter consignment number format


Track consignment

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Find speed post consignment number in booking slip

The post office provides a booking slip to customers after speed post-booking. Each and every booking slip contains a unique consignment number on it. You can track your speed post by using this consignment number. A step-by-step for article tracking is explained below. Just check it below and find your speed post consignment status, whether it is delivered or still pending.

Speed Post Booking Slip image containing a consignment number

What is consignment number in India Post

What is the consignment number in India Post for parcel & registered letter?

Similarly, India post office allots a number for parcel booking or registered letter booking but the first letter of the consignment number of those articles is totally different. It means the consignment number for Parcel starts from the "C" alphabet and consignment number for the registered letters starts from the "R" alphabet.

Parcel booking number 
  • CRxxxxxxxxxIN
  • CWxxxxxxxxxIN
  • CQxxxxxxxxxIN
  • CAxxxxxxxxxIN

Registered letter booking number
  • RRxxxxxxxxxIN
  • RWxxxxxxxxxIN
  • RQxxxxxxxxxIN
  • RAxxxxxxxxxIN

You can also track parcels and register letters by using these consignment numbers. Just follow the below process to check the latest status.

How to track speed post, parcel by using India post consignment number

speed post tracking- I already explained that post office provides a specific and unique consignment number for each and every article whether it is speed post or parcel. You can track speed post/parcel articles by using consignment numbers with below simple steps. Just follow the below process to know speed post article status.

What is the consignment number in India Post

  • Visit India Post Official website
  • Click on tracking consignment or visit direct link from here.
  • Enter consignment number which is printed on post office booking slip
  • Fill captcha as shown in the image.
  • Click on the search button,
  • India post server will show the actual status of Speed post. If Speed post is delivered that it shows 'Item delivered' in the first line of the tracking report. If the article is yet not delivered then it shows pending in route. 
If you have any issue with your speed post then you can also raise a complaint online from the below link. A proper answer will be provided by the post office staff. 

Click here to raise a complaint

If you still want to know more then click on the 'Read More' button.

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