Canara Bank Timings | Canara bank Lunch time and working hours

Canara bank timings [lunch time] 2022- We know that Canara bank is one of the famous and nationalized banks in India. It comes in a list of the top 10 banks which are working and continuously growing in India for the last 20-40 years. Today I am going to share actual information about Canara bank timings, Canara bank lunch time, Canara bank opening timing, Canara bank closing timing. After reading this post, you can decide surely what is the suitable time to visit the bank. I mentioned here Canara bank working hours in detail for you. 

canara bank timings lunch hours

Canara Bank timings (working hours) in 2022

As per information available on Canara bank's official website, it has more than 3000+ branches across India. Maximum branches are working in cities. The bank has already established more than 10001+ ATM machines where you can withdrawal money by using any bank debit card.

IF you have a savings bank account in Canara Bank, then you must know Canara bank working hours. After you can adjust other important work and bank-related work. Although, Canara bank work in the day only from Monday to Saturday except for the second and fourth Saturday. In these days, Canara bank timings starts from 10.00 AM to 03.30 PM

The bank is closed on the second Saturday and the fourth Saturday in a month. We know that as per bank ruling second and fourth Saturday is the closed holidays in Canara Bank. So, I want to tell you that please don't visit the bank these days.

Canara Bank timings today [working hours]

10.00 AM to 03.30 PM*

Canara bank Monday timings

 morning 10’o clock to evening 03.30’o clock 

Canara bank Tuesday timings

10.00 AM to  03.30 PM

Canara bank Wednesday timings

10.00 AM to 03.30 PM

Canara bank Thursday timings

10.00 AM to 03.30 PM

Canara bank Friday timings

10.00 AM to 03.30 PM

Canara bank on Saturday timings (except 2nd and 4th Saturday)

10.00 AM to 03.30 PM

Canara bank Sunday timings


* Note- Canara bank opening and closing timing may vary from one branch to another branch. It may also vary from one city to another city.

Canara Bank Lunch time 2022

Canara bank lunch time- We know that all government offices, as well as banks, have a specific lunch time. Similarly, Canara Bank also has a prescribed lunch time when bank staff can eat lunch during duty hours. Canara bank lunch time is mentioned in the bank when I visited my nearest branch. I think lunchtime of Canara bank is between 01.00 PM to 2.00 PM.  Bank staff takes their lunch in an interval (rotational) basis. It means, some staff starts to take lunch from 01.00 PM, other staff works in the bank for the public. When those staff who has been taken lunch the remaining staff takes their lunch. Counter work does not interrupt during Canara bank lunch hours.

Canara Bank lunch time

01.00 PM to 02.00 PM

Canara Bank lunch hours

01.00 PM to 02.00 PM

Canara Bank lunch timings

01.00 PM to 02.00 PM

Canara Bank opening and closing timing (hours) 

Although I have already shared Canara bank working hours in detail, all the same, Canara bank opens 10'o clock in the morning. It means Canara bank opening timings is 10.00 AM. After completion of daily bank work, Canara bank closes at 03.30 PM. It means Canara Bank's closing timings is 03.30 PM.


Canara Bank Opening timings

10.00 AM     

Canara Bank closing timings   

03.30 PM

Canara Bank working hours   

10.00 AM to 03.30 PM

Official Website

Click here


Question 01- What is the working time of Canara Bank?

Answer- 10.00 AM to 03.30 PM is the working time of Canara Bank. (Note- Time may vary from branch to bran ch, city to city) 

Question 02- Is Canara Bank open today?

Answer- Yes, Canara bank opens Monday to Saturday except for the second Saturday and fourth Saturday and all Sunday.

Question 03- What is Canara Bank lunch time?

Answer- In between 01.00 PM to 02.00 PM.

Question 04- What are Canara Bank banking hours in India?

Answer- Check in the above Paragraphs where I explained in detail.

I have shared information about Canara Bank working hours (Canara Bank timings). I also told you actual Canara bank lunch time. Please keep it mind before vising at Canara bank.

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