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PMA mis: Hey DOP friends, do you know about PMA Dashboard [PMA - Indiapost] Here I am going to share full information on PMA Dashboard India Post. Read this post to know about PMA Dashboard login and PMA Dashboard report (PMA Mis). Today I am going to share the latest PMA app download version 5.5 (APK) for you. Just read this blog up to the end to download PMA app 5.5 version or PMA Apk Download.

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What is PMA MIS Dashboard?

PMA full form is Postman Mobile Application. An online portal is also available on the internet to get generate various PMA reports. This portal is called PMA Dashboard

As we know that, there are many sites working for MIS reports on the legacy applications like PMA mis, SpeedNet, ParcelNet, RNet, IPS monitoring, MIS, etc.  

URLs of the above sites are different. Therefore Postal Divisions have to login into each login separately. You can say that Url for CSI, Url for PLI, Url for RICT, etc. 

Now, the Department of Posts, wants to avoid multiple logins to generate various reports for PLI, CBS, CSI, MIS. It has now been decided that now a single PMA Dashboard or MIS Dashboard will be available to generate all types of MIS reports on this single dashboard only.

It is also known as Common MIS Dashboard. This dashboard will provide all reports in one place. No need to log in at multiple sites to get all types of reports.

How to access MIS Dashboard? (PMA Dashboard)

The official link of the MIS Dashboard is You can also visit it from here.

The PMA dashboard is being widely used by all Administrative offices, the same login credentials are inherited for accessing the MIS Dashboard.

  • Login at MIS Dashboard with the help of user id and password which is shared on the email.
  • Check various MIS reports to monitor the MIS PMA performance of a particular post office.

What types of reports are available on PMA MIS Dashboard?

Reports are categorized into various options. You can check these reports into the menu list of MIS Dashboard. likes MailNet, IPS, CBS, PLI, Service Requests.

  • Mail Net- It relates to all kinds of Mail related reports. 
  • IPS Reports- It relates to the IPS KPI reports for VCs.
  • PLI Reports:-  It includes all type of PLI report for monitoring purpose in Finacle and McCamish.
  • Service Request- It relates to the various service requests. All the requests received through Post info Mobile App can be monitored using this option.
  • CBS Reports:-  
  • DBT Reports
  • Detailed summary
  • Internet and Mobile Banking account report
  • Product Wise Account Report

Note: MIS Dashboard Online Portal is restricted to MIS Reports only. Therfore, monitoring of COD article, RICT device management and Parcel monitoring will continue to be accessed through the existing URLs.

Postman Mobile Application (PMA MIS)

We already know that Postman Mobile Application (PMA) installed on the mobile. It is compulsory that this application should be updated in the latest version of PMA. Many post offices are still using the previous old version of the PMA application, resultant article delivery information has an error on the MIS for MA. 

The Cept requested to update the PMA application as soon as possible to get/know the actual and right performance on the MIS Dashboard.

PMA Report for post office performance

Check PMA reports from here.

How to use Postman Mobile App (live) PMA MIS uses in Hindi 

Latest PMA app download version 5.5

PMA app download- We know that the department of posts releases various versions of the PMA application. The latest version of the PMA app is 5.5 version. Here I am providing PMA app 5.5 version downloading link for free download. 

Click here to download PMA App version 5.5 [PMA Apk Download]

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