Every postal employee wants to know which are the top postal blogs of India post that gives the latest information on the Department of Posts or India Post. Here I am going to share the latest top 7 postal blogs of India Post in 2022.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

1. SA Post | Your blog Description-sapost.blogspot.com

SA Post is the top postal blog of India post because it provides all the latest information regarding India Post. SA Post also gives Employment news, dop orders, dopt orders, clarifications on some issues, Departmental exam notification and result, all kinds of exam material, etc.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

sapost.blogspot.com postal blog has categorized the content into 10 menus. This blog started in July 2009 and continuously providing the latest information to all postal employees

This Postal blog also provides technical support to all postal employees also. Hence it is the top position in all postal blogs of India Post. "sapost" is the most searched word in India.

You may visit this blog from the below link

2. PO Tools | Post Office Blog-potools.blogspot.com

Po tools is also a postal blog that provides information on India Post. It is the second postal blog that is searched more times on google after the SA post.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

PO tools give the information on all types of ruling and orders, youtube videos on different topics, full detail on Core system integration (CSI), configuration and commands of Finacle, GDS notification, GDS exam material, GDS Exam result, DA news, GDS exam material Downloads, Employee Portal, SB Orders 2020, etc.

You may visit PO tools blog from the below link 

3. Postal Blog-postalblogs.com

It is a postal blog that is present in the third position. It provides the ruling on India post payments bank, leaves rulings, all SB orders, information on the various departmental exams of India Post.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

Postal blogs also give information about the postal training center with a connection to training material. The main portion of this blog is the "court case". It gives information on the judgment given by the CAT court benches.

You may visit postal blogs blog from below link

4.Latest India Post News-inindiapost.com

It is a totally new blog under postal blogs but the information given by this blog is unique. hence it is mentioned in the fourth position in this list.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

This blog also provides the latest news on India Post. All postal employees can read the latest news regarding the India Post on this blog.

You may visit ininidapost.com blog from the below link

5. fnpo.org

This blog is maintained by the federation of the national postal organization, new Delhi. It also gives the latest signed letter which is written by this union to the officers of India post.
It is available in the Hindi language also. You may read this blog in Hindi.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

It is working for the last 9 years to postal employees by providing union letters and dop letters continuously since 2011. It is working since April 2007. This blog is also available in both Hindi and English language.

You may visit this blog from the below link


This is an official blog of the National Federation of Postal employee association which provides the latest letters or orders regarding the association and India Post.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

You may visit nfpe blog from the below link

7. postalinspectors.blogspot.com

This blog is on the last position of the top 7 postal blogs of India Post. This provides the latest information on India Post for all the inspectors and Assistant Superintendent in the Department of posts, but all postal employees may also get the latest information on India Post.

Top 7 Postal Blog of India Post

You may visit postalinspectors blog from the below link


After visiting the above all postal blog daily, you will be up to date on the latest information or ruling or orders issued by Postal Directorate. If you are going to fight the department exam of India Post, then above all the postal blogs are very important for you.

keep visiting these blogs.