5 Alternatives of SA Post Blog in 2024

SA Post was postal blog that provides the latest DOP orders, rules and regulations, solution of technical problems and other important information regarding post offices. 

Although, it was useful for all postal employees but due to some reson it is removed by Google.

If you are great fan of SAPOST then you may check these 5 alternatives postal blog like SA Post Blog.

5 Alternative of Sapost Blog

After removal of sapost from internet, post office employees are searching its alternatives. So they can get latest information, orders, and technical support related to postal department.

After a deep research, i found 5 alternatives postal blogs like SA post blog.

These postal blog are discussed here in details.

1. Inindiapost

Inindiapost is the most growing postal blog in india. It provides all the information, rules, latest orders, etc related to India Post Office Department.

Everyone has to visit this blog on regular basis.

2. Potools

Potools is working since last meny years. It provides post office news, information, etc for postal employees.

3. Postalstudy

Postalstudy is the postal blog for those post office employees who are preparing for ldce exams of department of post.

A lot of exam material is available on this postal blog that is very useful for all postal staff.

4. Postalblogs

postalblogs is another postal blog which is growing nowadays.

It publishs latest orders, rules, and other important information related to indian post offices.

5. Ramakrishnay

Ramakrishnay postal blog has a lot of exam material for various post office departmental exams.

This blog is very important regarding departmental exams like PA SA exam, IPO exam, MTS Postman Mailguard exam, etc.

SA Post Blog History

SA Post blog was working since July 2009 till October 2023. Now it is closed by the Google and not available right now.

Sapost provides best support to each and every postal employee of the department of post. So it would be fair to say that the journey of this postal blog has been very long. The support provided by this postal blog to all the postal employees is rememberable.

In the beginning days, the popularity of sa post blogspot was very poor but due to its consistently successful results in the upcoming month and year, its public mobility is very high.

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