SAP client installation process

How to install SAP client in computers of the post offices

Here I am providing step by step the process to install of India Post SAP client in the post office's computer. Please follow the below procedure step by step.

First of all, you should have a setup file for DOP SAP installation. i.e. install_common_740 

Copy and paste install_common_740 folder into C: drive of that computer where DOP SAP is to be installed.

SAP client installation process

Click on setup.bat file to start the installation of SAP which is present in SAP installation folder (install_common_740).

SAP client installation process

A black colour screen will appear like a command prompt. This screen shows that SAP installation process is going in background.

SAP client installation process

After some time, the black screen will disappear automatically, and the SAP icon will appear on the desktop. 

If SAP icon does not show on the desktop then you have to follow some more steps. These are as under:-

1. Search SAP logon in the start bar.

2. Right-click on SAP and click on send to Desktop.

3. Click on SAP logon icon which is now present on desktop but after the first installation of SAP client, SAP server will not show in SAP screen.

How to show SAP server in SAP logon software? 

To display the server name(CRP, ECP, OEP, PTM) in SAP logon software, You have to follow the below procedure step by step.

1. Click on the left upper corner of the SAP screen. A list will be shown. Click on the “Option” button. The below screen will appear.

SAP client installation process

2. Click on “local configuration file” and select the path of “logon” folder by clicking on the “Select” button which is present right side of local configuration file.

SAP client installation process

3. Choose path as per below:

My Computer > ’C’ drive > install_common_740 > logon > logon 
SAP client installation process

4. Click on Apply and Ok. 

SAP client installation process

5. SAP screen will be closed automatically.

6. After the restart of SAP DOP software which is present on desktop as a shortcut icon, all four server will appear in the SAP screen. You can see the below screenshot for ready reference.

SAP client installation process

Now you can do the work in SAP software by using these server. 

Thank you.☺️👍