Item to be included in MODOW of Postmaster, HSA, Mail Agent and Postman

Recently, the department of posts issued an order regarding various item to be included in MODOW of postmaster, HSA, Mail Agent and Postman.

All circles are requested to share their feedback on it by 29.04.24 for taking further necessary action.

Postal Directorate orders on Change in MODOW

No.: 33-1/2023-PD

Government of India

Ministry of Communication

Department of Posts

Parcel Directorate

Malcha Marg Post Office Complex,

Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021

Dated: 22.04.2024


Chief Postmaster General

Delhi, Maharastra, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat & Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Rajasthan Circles

Sub: Memorandum of Distribution of work (MOW) of Postmasters, Head Sorter, and In-Charge TMO / Transshipment Centers and Postmen Staff

Sir / Madam

This is regarding change in the Memorandum of Distribution of Work of Postmasters, Head Sorter, and In-Charge TMO / Transshipment Centers and delivery staff.

Department of Posts, in the last five years, has embarked upon an exercise to improve parcels operations and delivery at the first, middle and last mile. Some operational as well as technological changes have also been made to meet the requirements of the bulk as well as retail customers.

3. Tie ups have also been entered into with the bulk customers such as GeM, Bigfoot Retail Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Shiprocket), which involve pick up of parcels from the premises of retail as well as bulk c u s t o m e r s .

4. In view of the recent changes as mentioned in the aforementioned paras, there is a need to change the MoDoW of the Postmasters, Head Sorters, In-charge TMOs, Transshipment centers & delivery staff. In order to update the current distribution of work, some additional duties that these cadres are currently performing in the field units need to be incorporated in the updated MoDoW.

5. In view of the above, it is requested to share the list of all current duties/ work related to parcels being performed by these cadres at present (whether included in the extant MoDoW or otherwise). List may be shared separately for each cadre.

6. Tentative changes in the current duties which are proposed to be done, are also enclosed for reference. Feedback, if any, for addition / deletion may also be shared by the circles. This information may be shared with Parcel Directorate by 29.04.2024 for taking further necessary action at this end.

7. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

Annexure: - As Above

(Anil Kumar Rose)

Assistant Director-II

Items to be included in Memorandum of Distribution of work of Postmasters

i. To ensure that execution of High / Daily Synch is done on daily basis in the post offices.

ii. To check on random basis that volumetric weight of article is captured, wherever justified.

iii. To check at random basis that selection of merchandize is done in case of booking of speed post articles, if the article is not a document.

iv. To ensure that bags are being closed and dispatched for parent Hub by the Post Office.

v. To ensure that parcel packaging charges are booked under the correct head under Retail Post.

vi. To ensure that assessment of the requirement of Parcel Packaging materials for PPUs is done and indents are placed well in time.

vii. To ensure that all the operations related to delivery i.e (Receipt of Bags, Invoicing of accountable Mail, Dispatch of the return / redirected articles) is done through the system on daily basis.

viii. To check Return of at least two delivery beats on daily basis as to whether the non - delivery remarks have been selected in DPMS as per the remarks given by the postman on the articles.

ix. To ensure that effective utilization of PMA is being done by the delivery staff by scanning the articles on the door step of the addressee and full name of the addressee is visible in MIS.

x. To ensure that errors are raised through the system-based Error Report in IPVS system on regular basis.

xi. To ensure that delivery of VP / COD articles is done through DPMS system.

xii. To ensure that EOD of all the delivery beats is done on the daily basis.

xiii. To ensure that invoicing of the articles for Branch Post Offices is done through the system.

xiv. To ensure that timely payment of BYOD charges in all the Delivery Post offices and fuel re-imbursement charges to the delivery staff deployed in the mechanized beats is done on regular basis.

xv. To ensure that checking of the Dashboard for the pickup of articles / parcels is done at least two times in a day.

xvi. To ensure that pick up of the articles from bulk/retail customers i.e. Click N Book, GeM, Shiprocket, is done as per the selected time slots.

xvii. To ensure that induction of such picked up articles / parcels is done in the POS without delay and the articles are closed in the correct bag as per the instructions issued under MNOP/ PNOP

xviii. Ensure each international mail (accountable/ordinary) contains Customs declaration forms (CN forms).

xix. Ensure that no restricted/prohibited items are booked at the counter. Two items to be randomly checked on daily basis.

xx. Ensure that counter clerk enters complete details (Name & address) of the sender, addressee, and the Customs data. Supervisor (Postmaster, APM counter, etc) to have close supervision over data entry done by the counter PA at the time of booking of international mail. Two items to be test-checked daily.

xxi. In case Dak Ghar Niryat Kendra is functioning in the premises of Post Office, Postmaster to assist customer in the induction of international shipment, ensure facilities like label printing are available.

Items to be included in Memorandum of Distribution of work of Head Sorters in RMS

i. To ensure receipt and dispatch scan in SAP IPVS of all the Bags and articles / parcels received and dispatched during the Set is done on regular basis.

ii. To ensure that errors are raised through the system-based Error book in IPVS system on regular basis.

iii. To ensure that the sorting of parcels is done by using the functionality System assisted sorting in Parcel Hubs wherever applicable.

iv. To ensure that maintenance and tallying of abstract before the closing of Set is done as per the SOP issued by Parcel Directorate every day.

v. To ensure that dispatch of loose Parcels / big Parcels / volumetric in size should be done with separate bag labels.

vi. To ensure that bags labels are generated through the new bag closing facility through the system.

vii. To ensure that bag labels of appropriate colours are being used while closing the bags by the Processing Hubs.

Items to be included in Memorandum of Distribution of work of Incharge TMO / Transshipment Centres

i. To ensure that the transmission of Parcel bags is done through RTN as per the guidelines issued from time to time.

ii. To ensure that confirmation with the airlines concerned as to whether the bags have actually been dispatched through the identified airlines or any other flight is taken on regular basis. The flight number through

which bags were actually dispatched should be mentioned in the bag receipt/dispatch register after confirming with the airlines concerned.

iii. To ensure that bullet seal on National / State RTN vehicles is used on regular basis.

iv. To ensure that 100 % scanning of bags (Receipt/Dispatch) at TMO /Transshipment Centres/ Bag Exchange Points is done on a daily basis.

v. To ensure that errors are raised through the system-based Error Report in IPVS system on regular basis.

vi. To ensure that the entire TMO / Transshipment Centre / Bag Exchange Points area is covered under CCTV surveillance.

vii. To ensure that data entry is being done on RTN Dashboard on daily basis by the staff deployed at TMO/Transshipment Centres / Bag Exchange Point.

Items to be included in Memorandum of Distribution of work of Postmen Staff

i. To ensure that accountable articles are being scanned through Postmen Mobile Application at the door step of the addressees.

ii. To ensure that all the pick-up request which are assigned in a day, pick up is completed by the End of day.

iii. Ensure that customs duty, return charges, warehousing charges, recall fee etc. are properly collected and accounted to respective GL Codes (General Ledger Code).

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