DARPAN 1.0.30 Version Download

Alot of issues noticed in earlier version of DARPAN 2.0. 

Now, these issues are not resolved into this new version of DARPAN i.e. 1.0.30

Find below the step by step procedure to download darpan 1.0.30 version.

DARPAN 1.0.30 Version Download

All the issues of 1.0.19 which are reported  to CEPT and which doesn't require local DB access through MDM  are resolved in 1.0.30.

1) Logout option provided and working fine

2) inactive user issue resolved

3) All counter booking transactions are appearing in DTR

4) eMO booking with 18 digit and same reflecting in tracking without any issue. 

5)while login Inactive user and invalid credential issues resolved.

6) OTP generation issues resolved.

7) Master data appearing and getting updated properly.

8) application white screen and hanging issue resolved.

9) Other office user getting blocked properly.

10) User transfer and substitute activation issues resolved.

11) Bag data getting virtually.

12) VP article receipt issue and delivery going on smoothly and same reflecting to DTR

13) COD delivery also getting smoothly and accounting properly.

14) eMO payment accounting properly.

15) stamp receipt and stamp sale issues resolved.

16) substitute RD and RPLI issue resolved.

17) CBS pending  transaction updation issue resolved.

18) Day end and BODA generation relaxed for next day and same working smoothly.

19) Role based access provided

20) e- receipt can be generated from tracking page.

21) apart from app issues, issues seen in user managemen portal also resolved

All issues which are reported and doesn't require local data base access through MDM are resolved. New version is much more faster than earlier version.

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