Post Office Envelope Price in India

The postal department sells envelopes at each and every post office in India. What is the price of these envelopes?

Many people still don't know that envelopes are available at post offices. Due to lack of knowledge, they bring these envelopes from the local market.

Here you will find about post office envelopes and their price in India.

Post Office Envelope Price

What is Post Office Envelope?

The post office envelope is a cover and a packaging item. People can book speed posts after inserting their documents into this envelope. 

These envelopes which are available at the post office are good in quality and have specific markings to write the receiver's address.

Post Office Envelope Price

The price of an envelope available at post office is 5 rupees. 

Yes, If you want to get an envelope for speed post or registered letter booking then just visit your nearest post office and buy an empty envelope. 

The cost of a post office envelope is 5 rupees only. You can buy these envelopes in multiple numbers at any post office across India.

Post Office Envelope Image

How look like a post office envelope?

Just see the below sample image of an envelope. It has a 5 rupee postage stamp on it.

You can insert your document in it and glue it.

Now it is ready for speed post booking or registered booking.

Post Office Envelope image


Question 01- What is the cost of an envelope in India?

Answer- Five Rupees.

Question 02- Can I use this post office envelope for speed post booking?

Answer- Yes.

Question 03- How many post office envelopes do I purchase at a time from post offices?

Answer- You can buy envelopes in multiple numbers.

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