Post Office Diwali Bonus 2023 (Order Issued)

All post office employees including GDS are waiting to get Diwali Bonus for this year 2023. They don't have latest news about bonus orders for postal employees.

Do you know post office Diwali bonus order has been issued or not?

If you want to know the right answer to the above question then this post is for you. Here you will find the latest information on post office Diwali bonus 2023.

Post Office Diwali Bonus 2023

Post Office Diwali Bonus 2023

It is good news that Diwali bonus order for postal employees including GDS is issued on 25.10.2023.

As per these orders post office employees will get 60 days bonus on this diwali 2023.

GDS bonus 2023

Bonus for postal employees 2023

Bonus for Postal Employees 2023 PDF Download

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Post Office Bonus Calculation

If the Bonus ceiling is 7000/- and bonus is declared for 60 days then post office bonus calculation is as under-

7000 x 60/ 30.4 = 13816/- (Thirteen thousand eight hundred sixteen rupees only)

Every post office employee will get 13816/- rupees bonus amount this year on the occasion of Diwali 2023.

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