Know everything about Speed Post Barcode Stickers

Do you know about Speed Post Barcode Stickers? If not then this post is for you.

Here you will find about Speed Post Barcode sticker and its images.

Speed Post Barcode Stickers

Speed Post Barcode Stickers

You must have booked speed post in post office. If yes, then you have also seen that the booking clerk pastes a barcode sticker on it before booking the speed post.

This barcode sticker is known as speed post barcode sticker. 

It means those barcode stickers which is used to book a speed post are known as Speed Post Barcode Stickers.

Speed Post Barcode Sticker Format

Speed Post barcode sticker has 13 digits. It consists of the first two alphabet digits, middle nine numerical digits, and last two alphabet digits.


ER 111111111 IN

 The first "E" character represents EMS which means Speed Post article.

The second character represents state name. 

The last two characters represent the country code.

Speed Post Barcode Sticker image

Speed Post Barcode Stickers Images

Speed Post Barcode Sticker Picture

Speed Post Barcode Sticker Picture

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