SAP IPVS links for RMS that works in Wifi or Mobile Network

A list of all SAP IPVS links for RMS is here. These links are working in private network. It means when Sify network does not work then RMS staff can do their work in SAP IPVS using these links.

Before using these SAP IPVS links, make sure your computer is connected to a private network. After that, you can easily access SAP IPVS and its option easily.

Just find the below IPVS links and use them from today.

SAP IPVS Links for RMS Offices

SAP IPVS links for RMS work

Article Tracking

IPVS Main Screen

Bag Receive

Bag Open

Bag Close

Bag Dispatch

Print Bag Manifest

Consolidated Abstract


Question 01- Can I use these IPVS links on mobile network?

Answer- Yes.

Question 02- Can I use these SAP IPVS links during entire set?

Answer- Yes.

Question 03- Can I use these SAP IPVS links after receiving articles in set after failure of Sify connectivity?

Answer- Yes.

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