ASP Full Form in Post Office (Duties, Responsibilities, and Work)

 Do you know about ASP in Postal Department? What is ASP full form in post office? If you don't know then this post is for you. Here you will find full form of ASP, works of ASP in Postal Department, revised sanctioned strength of ASP in India, and much more.

ASP full form in Post office

ASP full form in Post Office

The full form of ASP is Assistant Superintendent of Post Office. This post is group B Gazetted post. He works under the SSP or SP.

A= Assistant

S= Superintendent 

P= Post Offices 

Ultimately we can say ASP means Assistant Superintendent of Post Offices.

Work and Duties of ASP

A list of all work and suties of ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Post Offices are as under- 

  • He is appointing authority for MTS official and GDS officials in Branch Post Office and time scale sub offices in his sub division.
  • He is disciplinary and leave sanctioned authority for postman working in the sub division.
  • He has to carryout inspections of BO and SO under his sub division.
  • He has to assist the Divisional Head in the inspection of Head Office.
  • He has to carry out the verification of balances of SB/RD/TD accounts in the post offices in the case of SB fraud committed by the officials. 
  • He has to carry out verification of payment of money order paid by the postman in every month on random basis and special verification in the case of fraud.
  • He had to carry out the verification of geniueness of withdrawals of Rs. 2500/- and above on cent per cent basis in single handed sub office and branch office.
  • He has to carry out data collection for planning and opening of new post office.
  • He has to verify correctness of stastics collected by post offices for sanction of additional staff owing to increase work load.
  • He has to carry out the investigation of fraud and public complaints.
  • General Duties like painting of letter box in his sub division, arranging hired accommodation for post offices, maintain the mail lines etc.
  • At sub divisional level he maintains liasion with state government authorities, important public person and customers.
  • He has to do any other duties assigned by higher authorities.

Recruitment rules of ASP in India Post

Find the below PDF file containing recruitment rules of ASP Cadre in Post Office Department. New ASPs are recruited as per these RR rules.

Revised Sanctioned Strength of ASP posts

As per memo no. Y-23/2/2023-PE-II dated 23rd June 2023 of Postal Directorate, the revised sanctioned strength of ASP Cadre is 1694.

Circle-wise sanctioned strength of ASPs

  • AP Circle- 95 Posts
  • Assam Circle- 35 Posts
  • Bihar Circle- 76 Posts
  • Chhattisgarh Circle- 17 Posts
  • Delhi Circle- 36 Posts
  • Gujarat Circle- 98 POsts
  • Haryana Circle- 35 Posts
  • HP Circle- 16 Posts
  • J&K Circle- 14 Posts
  • Jharkhand Circle- 25 Posts
  • Karnataka Circle- 109 Posts
  • Kerala Circle- 93 Posts
  • MP Circle- 65 Posts
  • Maharashtra Circle- 170 Posts
  • NE Circle- 11 Posts
  • Odisha Circle- 59 Posts
  • Punjab Circle- 49 Posts
  • Rajasthan Circle- 87 Posts
  • Tamil Nadu Circle- 180 Posts
  • Telangana Circle- 62 Posts
  • UP Circle- 146 Posts
  • Uttrakhand Circle- 17 Posts
  • WB Circle- 144 Posts

Sanctioned Strength of ASP in Other Units

  • Postal Directorate- 28 Posts
  • BD Directorate- 01 Post
  • Parcel Directorate- 01 Post
  • PLI Directorate- 02 Posts
  • CEPT- 12 Posts
  • RAKNPA- 01 Post
  • PTC Vadodara- 01 Post
  • PTC Guwahati- 01 Post
  • PTC Dharbhanga- 01 Post
  • PTC Mysuru- 04 Posts
  • PTC Saharanpur- 03 Posts

ASP Allocation Guideline

The postal directorate issued a guideline on the allocation of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (ASP).

You can read this detailed guideline in the below PDF file.

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