Indian Post Office Amendment Rules 2023

Recently a Gazette notification has issued on 10th January 2023 regarding Indian Post Office Amendment Rules 2023. As per this order, section 74 of India Post Office Rules 1933 is amended. 

To know more about it, read the below PDF file which contains amended section 74.

Indian Post Office Amendment Rules 2023

India Post Office Amendment Rules 2023

Section 74- In addition to postage and the fee for registration paid, wherever applicable, the following fee shall be charged for insurance of any of the postal articles as mentioned in rule 72, namely- 

  • For insurance of Business and Speed Post Parcels
    Insured value upto Rs. 200/- ➧ Rs. 4
    Insured value above Rs. 200/- ➧ Rs. 4 + 1.50% of insured value exceeding Rs. 200/- 
  • For insurance of postal articles other than business parcels and speed post parcels.
    When the value insured does not exceed Rs. 200/- ➧ Rs. 10/-   
    For every additional Rs. 100/- or fraction thereof in excess of Rs. 200/- ➧ Rs. 6/-

In rule 102-1 of the said rules, in clause (e), in the table, for the entries, the following shall be substituted, namely:-

Amount to be recovered from addressee  ➧ Schedule of fee

Up to Rs. 6500/- ➧ 1.6% of the amount recovered

Above Rs. 6500/- ➧ Rs. 100/- + 1% of the amount exceeding Rs. 6500/-

Gazette Notification of Indian Post Office Amendment Rules 2023

Indian Post Office Amendment Rules 2023 Corrigendum

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