SB Order No. 16/2022: Relaxation on updation of ASLAAS-5 Card on Agent Portal

Recently, a new SB order no. 16/2022 has been issued by the Postal Directorate on 10.10.2022.

Do you know what is SB Order 16/2022? 

If you want to know about SB order 16 for the year 2022 then read this post up to the end.

SB Order 16/2022 is regarding relaxation on online updation of ASLAAS- Cards in Agent Portal till 31.03.2023.

SB Order no. 16/2022

SB Order no. 16/2022 is the sixteenth Saving Bank Order for the year 2022 which is related to post office ASLAAS cards. 

As per MPKBY Agency Rule 1972, the ASLAAS card number must be updated against Post Office RD accounts linked to MPKBY Agents while preparing the Bulk list in MPKBY Agent Portal.

Due to not supplying a sufficient number of ASLAAS cards to MPKBY agents, they are unable to update it on the MPKBY agent portal.

Hence, the Postal Directorate ordered to relax for the update of ASLAAS cards on Agent Portal till 31 March 2023.

SB Order No. 16/2022 Image

SB Order No. 16/2022

SB Order 16/2022 PDF Download

Click here to download the PDF file of  SB Order 16/2022.

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