How Nanyatha App helps to clear letter box (Nanyatha App download)

Do you hear about Nanyatha app? If not then you can check here what is Nanyatha App. Today I am going to share how does Nanyatha App work. I also mentioned a working link for Nanyatha App download. 

Nanyatha is an application to monitor letter box clearance situated at various sites under a division. It is used by Postal Employees who are working to clear letter boxes. They have to use Nanyatha app for letter box clearance. 

Nanyatha App download link

What is Nanyatha App?

Nanyatha is an android application developed by CEPT. People can get information about the clearance of the letterbox which is used to post a letter. They can easily check when it was cleared and letter posted by them was picked by a postman for further processing.

As per the India Post website, each and every letterbox has a unique number for identification of the letterbox. This unique number is known as LB Barcode number in the post office department language. 

This number is pasted inside the letter box gate. It consists of a total of 12 numbers. The first 6 digits denominate as PIN code. The next 2 digits denominate ND code and the next four digits denominate Division code. You can check a sample LB barcode number in the below image.

Nanyatha App

How Nanyatha App works

Mostly this android app is used by a postman who clears the letter boxes. He has to scan a unique barcode number by using Nanyatha app while opening a letterbox. He will count all letters posted by the public. 

He has to enter the total letter numbers which were cleared by him. After submitting the data, a piece of information will be sent to the central server regarding the timing of letterbox clearance and how much letter were cleared, etc. People can easily check when a letterbox was cleared by using the below link.

  • They have to open the above link.
  • Choose state and city names.
  • Select area of your nearest letterbox.
  • Now click on the option "click here to know the status of selected area letterbox"
  • A message will appear on the screen containing a total of cleared letter numbers and timings of letter box clearance.

Nanyatha App download

Monitoring of Nanyatha App at divisional level

The postal department provided a web-based MIS report portal for monitoring Nanyatha letter box clearance. The divisional office, Regional Office, and Circle offices can check various reports on this portal. These are as under-
  • List of LBs with last date and time of opening against the due date and time
  • A number of letters are posted in each LB.
  • The list of LBs has not been cleared for many days.
  • List of LBs with less no of traffic.
  • Google Map-based LB identification and clearance MIS to public
  • To ensure that the LB attendant has opened the exact letter box the GPS coordinates of the LB are being captured automatically from the device. The coordinates passed from the device and the coordinates of the master data are tallied for accepting the LB clearance.
  • The Barcode stickers are affixed inside the LB doors to ensure that the scanning happens only when the letterbox is opened.
  • The master data can also prescribe the due time of opening of LB so as to monitor the time deviation of LB clearance from the prescribed time.

Each division has been given a login and password to access MIS reports. They have to log in to the portal by using a user id and password. After login, they can comprise the name of the PO and LB clearance under its jurisdiction.

Nanyatha App download working link

We know that Nanyatha app is only developed for the android platform. It is not available for IOS phones.

If you are using an android mobile phone then you can download Nanyatha app to your mobile phone. A working link for Nanyatha app download is available here. You can download it by clicking the below link. 

Click here to download Nanyatha App
➤ Click here to download SOP for Nanyatha app

My nearest letterbox is cleared or not?

When a post office employee opens a letterbox and scans LB bar code using a smartphone, the information containing the time and number of letters collected by the postman is sent to the central server. People can easily check by accessing the below link whether the nearest letter box is cleared or not. 

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