Today we are going to discuss E Shram card balance check. Do you want to check what is the process to check E shram card balance check online? If yes then you have to read this post up to the end. Here I am sharing all the methods to check your E Shram Balance check by using a mobile phone. We know that the Indian Government wants to collect data of all unorganized workers working in the unorganized sector in India. They will get a 12-digit E-sharm Card issued by the government. It will help to get government schemes to benefit directly. Just follow a step-by-step process to check E shram card balance.

E shram card balance check

E Shram Card Balance Check all methods

As per information released on the Internet, Uttar Pradesh Government has already sent the first installment of Rupees 1000/- into all E Sharm Card holder bank accounts. Do you have an E-shram card? If yes then you have to check your bank account whether you get 1000 rupees or not. 
If you still don't have an E shram card, just apply online at  right now and be ready to get government benefits. 

There are a lot of methods for E-shram card balance checks. These are as under-
  1. Using Umang mobile application
  2. Using Umang Online portal
  3. PFMS Online Portal
  4. Visiting Bank branch
  5. Using ATM Machine
  6. Calling on Missed call balance check number of bank
  7. Check your mobile banking app like m-connect, YONO SBI, etc.

E Shram Card Balance check by using Umang Mobile Application

It is the best and fast method for E shram card balance inquiry. You must follow the below procedure for checking installments regarding e shram card.
  • First of all, download Umang mobile application from Google Play Store. 
  • Open it and register by using the mobile number which is used while E Shram card registration. 
  • Create your ID and MPIN.
  • Login into Umang App.
  • Enter PFMS in the search button.
  • PFMS service will display on the screen.
  • Click on PFMS.
  • Enter your Bank account number, bank name, and registered mobile number.
  • Now check your E-Shram card balance there whether Rs. 1000/- first installment is credited into your bank account or not. If Rs. 1000/- amount is credited into your bank account it means you got the first installment released by the UP government.

Check the below video for ready reference on E shram card check balance.

Use Umang Online Portal for checking E shram card balance

This method is also simple and secure for balance enquiry of E-shram card. Do you have an internet connection on your mobile number or laptop, you can also use this method for the same purpose.  You have to follow below step-by-step process for getting a bank balance inquiry.
  • Visit Umang Online Portal from
  • Login by using your mobile number and MPIN. If you are not registered at Umang then you have to register yourself first.
  • After login click on service. Find PFMS service.
  • Now you will get a screen for submitting bank account detail as well as bank name and registered mobile number.
  • Enter the above details and get E Shram Card Balance.

PFMS Online Portal

We know that PFMS (Public Financial Management System) is an online portal that provides a tracking facility for DBT transfer. All record is maintained here regarding the amount transferred by the Government into the direct bank account under every scheme.

E Shram Card balance can also be checked here by following the below procedure.
  • Visit PFMS's official website here
  • Click on the Know your payment option.
  • Enter your bank name and account number.
  • Fill Captcha.
  • Click on send OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • Enter your OTP.
  • You will find all details regarding E Shram Card payment status on the screen.

Visit your nearest bank branch

It is the third and oldest method. You can also visit your bank branch to check first installment is credited or not credited into your bank account. Take bank passbook and ask bank staff to check bank balance. If E-Shram card amount is credited into your account, the bank staff will tell you all. They will also print bank passbooks. 

Collect your bank account passbook and find credit entry of Rs. 1000/-. If entry is present in the passbook, It means you got the first installation of E shram scheme.

Using ATM Machine

E shram Card balance can also check at a bank ATM machine. Take your bank account ATM card and visit the nearest ATM machine. Enter your debit card and follow instructions and check your bank mini statement. If an amount is credited, you will find the entry for it in the mini statement.

Using Bank Missed call facility  

People can also use missed call bank facility for getting bank balance. Give a missed call number of the respective bank. and get bank balance detail on the mobile phone instantly.

To get Missed call numbers of various banks, visit the below pages.

Use Mobile banking App and UPI Apps

Various mobile banking apps like m-connect, YONO SBI, etc, and UPI apps i.e. Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, also provide a facility for E shram card balance check online. You can also use it and check E shram card balance whether it is credited or not.


Today I told you all the working methods regarding E Shram Card balance check. Choose the appropriate method from above and use it by following all steps mentioned here to check E shram card balance.