Hello DOP family, the Parcel Directorate has been issued an order for ad-hoc establishment norms for the Parcel hub and nodal delivery center. These norms are to be used for the establishment review of parcel hubs (PH) and NDC workload and staff strength. PH and NDC norms are already mentioned in Parcel Operation Manual which was circulated by Establishment Division vide office letter number 25-11/2019-PE-I/WS dated 24.05.2019.

What are Adhoc Establishment norms for PH and NDC?

F.No. 01-01/2020PD
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Parcel Directorate

Malcha Marg Post Office Comples
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi- 110021
Dated 07.03.2022


Sub:- Adhoc Establishment norms for Parcel Hubs, Nodal Delivery Center & Transhopment Centers.

PH Establishment norms

This is regarding fixing of establishment norms of Parcel Hubs as well as Nodal Delivery Centers (NDC). To streamline processes in booking post offices, BNPLs, Parcel Hubs, and Nodal Delivery Centers, Parcel Operations Manual was shared with the circles to process the parcels as per the processes defined under PNOP.

This Directorate is receiving a number of references from the circles seeking fresh establishment norms for Parcel Hubs, Nodal Delivery Centers & Transhipment Centers. The matter has already been taken up by Parcel Directorate with the Work-Study Division of Postal Directorate for conduction a work-study and circulation fresh establishment norms for Parcel Hubs, NDCs & Transhipment Centers.

In view of the above, it is requested that till the time establishment norms are circulated by PO Division of the Postal Directorate to the circles, ad-hoc establishment norms mentioned in the Parcel Operations Manual and circulated by the Establishment Division vide letter number 25-11/2019-PE-I/WS dated 24.05.2019 may be referred to. Adhoc norms of parcel hub and nodal delivery centers mentioned in the Parcel operations manual are attached as Annexure.

Enclosure: As above

Ajay Kumar Roy
Chief General Manager
Parcel Directorate

Parcel Hub Adhoc Establishment norms

Parcel Hub Establishment norms list

Bag receipt scan

15 seconds per bag

Bag opening (only bag opening & receipt scan)

350 parcels per hour

Bag opening (Bag opening, Parcel receipt scan & primary sorting activity at bag opening table)

250 parcels per hour

Weighment of parcel (SWS)

6 parcels per minute

Primary sorting of Parcels

700 parcels per hour

Secondary sorting of parcels and bagging in Direct sort

250 parcels per hour

Sorting of bags for post sorting staging

360 bags per hour

Secondary sorting of parcels and bagging in mixed sort

150 parcels per hour

Parcel bag dispatch scan

15 seconds per bag

Parcel feeding on the automated sorter

1200 parcels per hour

Nodal Delivery Center Adhoc Establishment norms

NDC Establishment norms list

Bag receipt scan

15 seconds per bag

Bag opening, parcel scanning,   and sector sorting

250 parcels per hour

Parcel exception handling

10 seconds per parcel

PH and NDC ad-hoc establishment norms download

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