Postal Account Manual Volume-I, Postal Account Manual Volume-II, PDF download, Updated, latest, new, version 2021, 2nd edition August-2021

Hello Postal Employees, do you know the 2nd edition of Postal Account Manual Volume-I and II has been released by the Secretary (Posts) New Delhi-1. This edition is updated up to August 2021. So, you have to follow account procedures according to the new (latest) postal account Manuals. It is the second edition of volumes 1 and 2 of postal accounts after the implementation of CSI in postal the Department of Posts.

Postal Account Manual Volume-I PDF Download

  • I- Definitions and General Systems of Accounts
  • II- Organisation and Control
  • III- Postal Accounts Work
  • IV- Compilation of Accounts
  • V- Remittances
  • VI- Account Current Section
  • VII- Transfer Entries, Journal and Ledger
  • VIII- Annual Accounts of the Central Government
  • IX- Budget & Budgetary Control
  • X- Capital Accounts
  • XI- Principles and Procedures Regarding Expense Coverage Ratio
  • XII- Cost Calculation
  • XIII- Pension
  • XIV- Railway Pension
  • XV- General Provident Fund
  • XVI- National Pension System
  • XVII- Service Discharge Benefit Scheme
  • XVIII- Internal Audit
  • XIX- Entitlement Authorisation and drawal of pay and allowances of Gazetted Government Servants
  • XX- Audit of Receipts
  • XXI- Premium Product Services – Checks & Balances
  • XXII- Remotely Managed Franking System
  • XXIII- Miscellaneous Checks
  • XXIV- Postal Life insurance & Rural Postal Life Insurance
  • XXV- Western Union International Money Transfer
  • XXVI- India Post Payment Bank
  • Appendix-I- Extent of Checks by Postal Accounts Offices
  • Appendix-II- Statement and Registers to be maintained in Postal Accounts Offices.
  • Appendix-III- Period of Perseveration of Records
  • Appendix-IV- List of Major and Minor Head of Accounts - DoP

Postal Account Manual Volume I

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Postal Account Manual Volume-II PDF Download

  • I- Electronic Money orders, Foreign Money orders, Value payable money orders
  • II- Post Office Cash Certificates
  • III- Indian Postal Orders, e-Indian Postal Orders
  • IV- Field postal orders
  • V- National Pension System- All Citizens of India
  • VI- Savings bank, Pradhan Mantri ‘Jeevan Jyoti’ Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana ( PMSBY), Atal Pension Yojana (APY), Standard Accounting procedure –ATM transactions
  • VII- Dak Air accounting
  • VIII- Customs duty
  • IX- Goods and services tax- DOP perspective.
  • X- India Post Passenger Reservation system

Postal Account Manual Volume II

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